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Misson Parish Council


Newington Quarry Update

The water level in Newington North has been maintained at a fairly constant level since Spring 2017 with only minor variation in water level  - we are pumping out from here to the Idle as necessary to keep the water levels at that which we consider to be best suited to bird life - we have been in regular discussion with the Notts Wildlife Trust about this. 

Newington West is largely dry as we are pumping water out of here so that we can undertake quarrying operations. 

We have also pumped the water levels down a considerable amount in Newington South so that we can undertake final restoration earthworks associated with the red bed cells. 

Overall therefore water levels across the site are actually lower than in the past. We are therefore happy with the current water levels across the site but if you have any further concerns, please let me know. 

John Ingham


Quarry Safety

There have been reports of children swimming in the ponds at Newington quarry.

There have been many accidents throughout the UK from children entering quarries.

Please read the leaflet below and discuss the topic with your children.



Misson Parish Council Quarries
Misson Parish Council Quarries