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Last site update: March 2021

Welcome to the Up Hatherley Parish Website

Community Resilience Grant Scheme 

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues and the impacts are deeply felt in communities, Cheltenham Borough Council (CBC) welcomes an additional £50,000 provided by Gloucestershire County Council to launch the 2021 Community Resilience Fund. 

This revived grant pot will be distributed to local voluntary and community organisations to support their continued efforts in supporting people and communities made vulnerable due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The fund will also support recovery efforts within communities, particularly projects that build on what we’ve valued most during the crisis, whilst working to ensure that post-crisis Cheltenham is a place where everyone thrives. 

CBC aims to make decisions about funding within a few days. In this way CBC hopes to get much needed small grants out to community groups.

Funding Criteria

The funding will be distributed to local voluntary and community groups who meet at least one of the following criteria 

• Groups that are supporting (or who will be) people and communities made vulnerable due to the Covid-19 pandemic including:

o Those working with particular communities which could include the clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV), older people, people from Black Asian and Minority Ethnic communities, people with disabilities and young people

o Those that are providing much needed food or welfare support

• Groups that are involved (or who will be) in recovery efforts within our communities including:

o Those groups supporting individuals and groups to regain independence and to increase confidence as we move out of lockdown. 

o Those groups that are looking to return to delivering Covid-secure community activities

More information, application guidelines and forms can be downloaded online:




Next Parish Council Meeting

Tuesday 4th May 2021 7:30pm


Members of the public welcome, question and answer 

session at the beginning of the meeting.





Councillor Vacancies:

Please click here to find out more about being a Parish Councillor.


Our Website

Our website has been a success in terms of the numbers accessing it and the variety of information contained within it, and we will work to keep this happening. This site is important for bodies like Up Hatherley Parish Council to reach as many people as possible so that everyone understands what their precept (the amount you pay your Parish Council through your Council Tax bill) goes towards.

We are also slowly building up our online presence through the use of Twitter @UpHatherleyPC, so you can always reach us there as well. When we put up big updates we will announce these via Twitter but you can still sign up to updates via email through the links on the right hand side of this page.

If you have any queries or suggestions please contact John Furley via or the Parish Clerk via