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Westgate-on-Sea Town Council

Grants and Donations

We would like to advise you that the Westgate-on-Sea Town Council's 2018 Small Grants Scheme application period for community organisation projects to be held in Westgate or undertaken by residents of Westgate has now commenced.  If you are intending to hold an event, form a new constituted not-for-profit community group or start a project in the future, you will need to complete the Small Grants Scheme application form.  We have also supplied a Guidance Document to assist with the application process.  Please be advised that we can only accept Small Grants applications for events/projects/capital expenditure that is proposed to take place after 1st April 2018.  The amount of money available is set annually in the budget of the Council, grants will normally be up to a maximum of £500.00, although higher amounts will be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Westgate-on-Sea Town Council wishes to encourage and support a diverse range of high quality, innovative and ambitious events and projects that engage local residents and visitors alike.

Before making your application please read the Small Grants Scheme policy and make sure you answer all of the questions on the application form as fully and accurately as possible.  Please send the completed application form to the Town Clerk if you would like to apply for a grant.  All applications are scored against set criteria by a panel of elected members.  If you have any questions please do ask; you can email Gill Gray at townclerk@westgateonsea.gov.uk.

Successful applicants will be required to make a presentation at the Town Council's next Annual General Meeting showing -

What support was given
How it made a difference

The Town Council would like to be included in any publicity material.