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Weston Parish, Nottinghamshire

Parish Council Meetings

The Parish Council currently meets ten times a year in the Village Hall. Meetings commence at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated and everyone is welcome to attend. A schedule of the proposed dates for 2017/18 is listed below.

Weston Parish Council would like to offer the opportunity for all members of the public to participate at Council meetings. Therefore, at the start of each meeting there will be a period of public participation (for up to 10 minutes) where members of the public are able to ask questions or address the Council.

Those wishing to speak should give their name and address for the record to the Clerk. Following the close of this public forum, members of the public cannot take part in the meeting unless specifically invited to do so by the Chairman. The Parish Council encourages members of the public to stay for the remainder of the meeting whilst the Council members consider their agenda items. Those attendees wishing to leave the room at any point are asked to do so without causing disruption to the meeting. Please note that members of the press and public may be asked to leave the meeting if an item of a confidential nature needs to be discussed.

The Parish Council Minutes page will be updated within two weeks of a meeting taking place.  Agendas of meetings will be removed once the minutes of the meeting are published.  

The minutes on this page relate to the general running of the Parish Council - other meeting minutes, such as those for the Annual Parish Meeting, are available elsewhere on this website.

Where the minutes have been produced electronically these have been uploaded to this web page. Copies of previous years minutes are available from the Clerk on request. 

ANNUAL GENRAL MEETING OF THE PARISH COUNCIL- The Parish Council is required to hold an Annual General Meeting in May each year. At the Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council the chair person and vice-chair are elected. In an election year the Annual Parish Council Meeting must take place on the day when councillors take office, or within 14 days thereafter. Then Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council will next take place on May 11th 2016.


Parish Council Meetings 2017/18

April - September October - March

April 5th 2017

October 4th 2017

May 10th 2017

November 1st 2017

June 7th 2017

December - no meeting

July 5th 2017

January 3rd 2018

August - no meeting

February 7th 2018

September 6th 2017

March 7th 2018