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Bramshaw Parish Council

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Police Beat Reports







We value the species recording completed by our local communities and know that there are many local people that have a keen interest in New Forest wildlife, in both semi-professional and amateur scientific sense.

All records are valuable and important to the National Trust, and we would like to gain more of them.

Citizen Science, often known as ‘crowd-science’ is scientific recording conducted by the general public on mass, and has proved very useful in quickly gathering lots of detailed information.

In terms of species recording on National Trust commons, we currently use a recording system called ‘Living Record’ http://www.livingrecord.net/ , this is a recording system used widely in Dorset and Hampshire.

This allows everyone to record their species sightings directly onto a map, which can then be seen by others and used by the land owner. It works in such a way that very rare species sightings may only be seen by the general public at a low scale so that exact locations are impossible to find. For example, smooth snake sightings are shown at 1km grid square scales so to ensure exact reptile refugia locations are kept a secret.

Please click on the linke below to find  the Living record handbook which gives you a step-by-step guide to using the program.

We would be very grateful if you could share this with your parish councillors and local communities. If you would like any more information or even an NT member of staff to introduce living record to your parish during a meeting, please let us know.