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When can I bowl?

At Calverton Park Bowls Club members can bowl from the end of April to mid-September, every day of the week from 9am until early evening, subject to the rinks being free.

Will I get a game even if I am a beginner?

We will always try to ensure that you get a game even if you are new to bowls or an experienced player, selection is not just based on the top or more experienced players.

Can I play just for fun?

We have what we call Roll-Ups on Monday evenings at 6.00pm and Thursday mornings from until mid-day. This is when the members get together for practice with one another. This is the best time to get to know the members, join in and have fun.  

Can I come down and just practice or arrange my own games?

 On joining you will be given a gate key and  access codes. You can generally come down any time from 9am to early evenings when the green is free for individual or group practice at no extra cost.

What do I wear

There is no dress requirement for members on informal Roll-Up days but you will need flat shoes to protect the green. If taking part in competitions however the club colours are grey (trousers or skirt) and white (tops), you do not need anything fancy. Ladies can bowl in trousers. On Sunday club competition days members are required to wear white tops and white (trousers or skirt)

Do I have to provide my own bowls

We don’t want you to go to the expense of buying your bowls straight away. Come down on a Roll-Up day and use our spare bowls to see if you like it first before joining us.   

Is there a minimum age requirement

No, you can start playing bowls just as soon as you are able to hold them. Its never too early to start playing and this makes it an ideal sport for the whole family to play together. The sport does not discriminate by strenght or stamina so people of all abilities can play together and compete against each other.

Can I play in the competitions

Yes, we are always looking for team members. You can sign up to play in any number of friendly and league matches with other local clubs. We have a comprehensive fixture list during the season.  Members can enter our range of internal club competitions with a finals weekend in early September each year.

For 2021 we are participating in: : Afternoon league: Two rinks of 3 players, 3 bowls each, 18 ends.

  NFBL 3x3 league; 3 rinks of 3 players, 3 bowls each, 18 ends.

 Local Friendlies

What does it cost?

Free for the first month!. Come to as many Roll-up sessions as you like in the first month as a taster before you make your mind up. We would love to see you

£60 Full membership for the 2021 season , which covers all roll-up sessions, competitive play and personal practice.There is a small additional charge when taking part in league matches and friendlies of £1        

£30 If you are happy to just join for social roll-up sessions and your own personal practice. 

We offer non playing Associate memberships for only £10 if you wish to support us.

Fees for the 2022 season to be announced but we dont envisage there being much change.

I'm interested, what shall I do now?

If you would like to give bowls a try at one of our Roll-Up sessions, go to our contact page. fill out the contact form there and someone will be pleased to get back to you.