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Caynham Parish Council

Clerk/Parish Councillors


If you wish to write/email or phone the Parish Council please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council or Chairman of the Parish Council

Clerk to the Parish Council

Mr C E Williams, 2 Jockeyfields, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1PU

Email: caynhampc@gmail.com

Phone: 01584 874661

Parish Councillors

Mrs B Ashford (Chairman) The Old Vicarage Caynham Ludlow SY8 3BN (Knowbury Ward)

Mr Loman-Brown (Vice-Chairman) 5 Rouse Boughton Terrace Clee Hill Ludlow SY8 3PL (Clee Ward)

Mr S Boden 5 High Street Clee Hill Ludlow SY8 3LZ (Clee Ward)

Mr G Cummings 34 Springfield Road Clee Hill SY8 3QY (Clee Ward)

Mr M G Galbraith Jubilee Cottage Whitewayhead Lane Knowbury Ludlow Sy8 3LE (Knowbury Ward)

Mrs H M Jones The Old Farmhouse Whitwayhead Lane Knowbury Ludlow SY8 3LE (Knowbury Ward)

Mr G H Williams  Crown House Caynham Road Ludlow SY8 3JL (Knowbury Ward)

Ms S L Lowe Chestnut Cottage Scotts Lane Knowbury Ludlow SY8 3JP (Knowbury Ward)

Mr T Pryor 4 Ludlow Road Clee Hill SY8 3PE (Clee Ward)

Mrs K Wyke Prospect House Tenbury Road Clee Hill SY8 3NE

Mr A Parmar 20 High Street Clee Hill SY8 3LZ