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Fletching Burial Ground

Fletching Burial Ground is managed and operated by Fletching Parish Council.

The burial ground is situated in Fletching Village behind Fletching Parish Church and the High Street. It offers a final resting place for parishioners and the exclusive rights for burial or cremated plots can be reserved for either 50 or 75 years. Non-parishioners may also be laid to rest at Fletching Burial Ground subject to the approval of the Council and a supplementary fee.

The burial ground is a beautiful, natural place, intended to provide a peaceful spot for reflection and remembering friends and loved ones. Fletching Parish Council are responsible for maintaining the grounds and ask that all visitors respect the rules of the burial ground.

There are four graves in Fletching Burial Ground which are maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Details of these graves and a list of memorial inscriptions in the churchyard of St Andrew and St Mary the Virgin, Fletching, can be found on the website These have been recorded by the late Denis Kenward and Sonia Harryott. 

Fees, regulations and application forms can all be found here on this page. For any enquiries please contact the Clerk, Gabriella Paterson-Griggs via email

Please also find attached a temporary regulation for application during the COVID-19 pandemic


Fletching Parish Council Burial Ground