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Freeland Parish Council

Garden of Remembrance




The Garden of Remembrance is intended as a peaceful place for reflection on the memory of loved ones. Therefore, ball games, cycling and consumption of alcohol is not permitted. Dogs may be taken into the Garden but must be kept on a lead at all times.

Its character is designed to be semi-rural in style, similar to an informal orchard. As such, the placing of ornaments* on or around memorial plots is not permitted.

The Garden will be supervised by a Registrar appointed by the Parish Council.

The Garden of Remembrance is secular and welcomes all faiths or none. The garden (or individual plots) cannot be consecrated.

The Garden is intended for the interment of the cremated remains of Freeland residents and their relatives or others at the discretion of the Parish Council. It is not for the interment of pets’ cremated remains.

Permission must be obtained from the Registrar before any interment of ashes can proceed. No unauthorised scatterings are allowed.

Relatives are free to arrange their own ceremony when loved ones’ ashes are interred, but this is not essential. If wished the Parish Church can be approached to carry out an interment service.

The Parish Council will be responsible, through the Registrar, for the administration of records and dealing with any fees and monies.

Records will be kept by the Registrar in a dedicated book, including the names, plot number and other details of all those with memorials in the Garden of Remembrance. This includes all stone tablets, interments, adopted trees and scatterings.

* Ornaments include lanterns, candles, QR codes, pictures, drink containers, toys, artificial flowers or any other object apart from fresh flowers.


Maintenance, Flowers and Containers

Fresh flowers only may be placed in the spiked flower containers provided in the store on site. Vases to be returned to the store after use.

Flowers will be kept tidy and any dead flowers removed by the gardener during maintenance visits.

All wrappings must be removed from cut flowers and placed in the litterbin provided on site.

No glass jars, personalised vases, containers, baskets, pot plants or artificial flowers are permitted.

Christmas wreaths may be permitted and will be removed at the end of January.

No additional tree or shrub planting can be carried out on the plots or within the garden by anyone other than the Parish Council.

The Garden is currently maintained by the Parish Council and great care will be taken to respect any memorials. Any item that impedes maintenance or the aesthetic appearance of the garden will be removed without prior notice.

The Parish Council also has the right to remove any ornament or item not complying with these rules.


The Parish Council cannot accept responsibility for any damage incurred during mowing and upkeep of the Garden.

The Parish Council will not accept responsibility for any damage caused through acts of vandalism or for theft of memorials.


The scale of fees (see below) may be obtained from the Registrar.

Donations are invited for the maintenance of the garden and will be paid into a designated Parish Council Garden of Remembrance Maintenance Fund. All donations accepted will be acknowledged and recorded by the Parish Council.

Memorial Types

Plots along paths

Allocated plots, 60 x 60 cm, will be set out along the paths in numerical order. Within these plots, cremated remains may be interred in a biodegradable casket. Bio-degradable means that the casket should be made of material such as cardboard, cornstarch or untreated wood that will degrade within 2-3 years and must not be plastic.

Plots have a 50-year lease and may not be reserved in advance.

A flat memorial stone tablet may be placed over the plot.
The tablet to be 30 x 30cm x 5cm deep maximum size, in approved natural stone. Inscribed memorial stones must conform to a standard that matches existing memorials and be in keeping with the general appearance of the Garden.

Stone tablets are to be set flush with the lawn for ease of mowing. Tablets to be installed by a stonemason, onto a suitable base as set out on the detail drawing provided by the Registrar.

The cremated remains of a spouse or partner may be added to the same plot, and the existing memorial stone amended / renewed.

A plot with memorial stone can be purchased to commemorate a loved one, without necessarily interring remains underneath.

Adoption of Existing Trees

The trees planted in the Garden are numbered and can be adopted as memorials to loved ones. The adopted tree may be marked by a cast bronze plaque. Cast bronze plaques are to be rectangular, 150 x 100mm in size with an integral spike – details of the supplier are available from the Registrar.

Scattering of Ashes

Ashes may be scattered only in the designated area marked on the plan following permission from the Registrar. A cast bronze plaque as for adopted trees may be placed along the adjacent hedgerow.


Scale of Fees    

(November 2018)

Memorial Plots along paths

Memorial plots are 60cm x 60cm (double plot) and follow in numerical sequence along the curved paths.

Plots may not be booked in advance.

Exclusive rights for 50 years to a memorial plot for the burial of cremated remains and interment
of cremated remains £118

Interment of additional cremated remains in same plot £100 Liaison with stonemason for memorial tablet £20

Sexton fee for preparation of plot - to be paid direct to Sexton currently £35

The plot may be marked with an engraved flat stone tablet to a standard size (30cm x 25cm x 5cm) in natural stone.
The Registrar can advise on suppliers if required.

Scattering of Cremated Remains

This may only be carried out under supervision of the Registrar or other appointed person in the designated area.

Scattering of cremated remains £50

May be marked by a cast bronze plaque to our standard design. The Registrar can advise on suppliers if required.

Adoption of Trees

Individual existing trees within the garden have been numbered on the plan and may be adopted.

Cost of adoption of a tree £50

A cast bronze plaque to our standard design may be placed beside the tree. The Registrar can advise on suppliers if required.



Freeland Parish Council Garden of Remembrance