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High Halstow Community Lottery

Who can play?

Q: I don't live in High Halstow -  can I still play?

A: Yes!  It's a public Lottery so is open to everyone.  You must appreciate though that the charity percentage goes to our local causes. 


Q: Is this Lottery legal?

A: Yes. We have a licence from Medway Council ref Lot-Reg 117


Q: How does it work?

A: Player sets up a Standing Order for payment into High Halstow Community Lottery account to reach the account by 1st of the month. It is important that the players post code and door number is quoted in the reference as this provides the address of the player for winnings. Name is provided from the players account as standard. 


Q: How is the money received into the account divided?

A: By law a minimum of 20% of funds received must go to charity. We have decided that we will allocate 25% to charity and the remaining 75% will be the prize fund. 


Q: How much will it cost?

A: To play it will cost you £10 per ticket. 


Q: Can I buy more than one ticket?

A: Yes. Each ticket is £10. If you want more than one ticket you would need to set up your standing order for £20 for two tickets or £30 for three tickets etc. 


Q: How does it work if I buy more than one ticket?

A:  We will ensure that multiple tickets go into the draw. i.e. You will have 2 balls in the box for £20 and 3 balls in the box for £30. 


Q: When is it drawn?

A: We need a few days to sort out a list of players so the draw will always be on a Friday or Saturday evening after the 1st of the month in a local venue in front of witnesses. 


Q: Is there a prize limit?

A: We are licensed to run a Small Lottery where the prize cannot exceed £20,000 monthly. 


Q: Could the monthly prize ever be more than £20,000? 

A: We are hoping to reach the limit really quickly. We can then apply for a Large Lottery Licence which will allow a larger monthly prize.