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100 Club

Our 100 Club has been running since 2011 and has helped to raise much needed funds, initially towards building the new Community Centre and then since 2015, towards the cost of its maintenance and any new equipment for the benefit of its users.  

Tickets cost £12 per year each and are entered into a monthly draw, with three prizes being drawn at the end of each month.  The value of the prizes depends on the number of 100 Club members, but will total half the income for that month.  See the 100 Club Rules for more details.  You are not limited to one ticket per person - if you wish to purchase additional numbers and increase your chances of winning a prize, please do so!

It's a fun way of helping your Community Centre to thrive and prosper and at the same time, having a chance of winning cash prizes! 

So why not join our 100 Club?  It's so easy - just fill in the application form and return it to Ann Nash at the address shown on the form - or for more information contact Ann at Email.

Remember - the more members of the Club, the bigger the prizes!