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In England every public authority is obligated to publish their financial documentation for every financial year. Below are the most recent documents for Lilleshall Parish Council.

We believe in an open and transparent process for setting budgets and deciding what services funds are spent on. To that effect we share extended financial records for the public to review and you can see these below and welcome any and all comments.

Every year, beginning in September we review our spending in the financial year in preparation of the new financial year. The timeline for this is set because we are required to request our level of precept (a percentage of households Council Tax) at the beginning of February and this allows us five months to review and prepare a thoroughly considered and progressive budget that delivers positive changes for our community. All residents are welcomed to send their suggestions for our future spending plans into the Council.

Financial Documentation

Year Budget Public Rights of Examination AGAR Auditors Reports Conclusion of Audit


Budget (2022-23)

Available after 31st March 2023

Available after 31st March 2023

Available after 31st March 2023

Available after 31st March 2023


Budget (2021-22)

Public Rights (2021-22)

AGAR (2021-22)

Report (2021-22)

Available after 31st March 2022


Budget (2020-21)

Public Rights (2020-21)

AGAR (20-21)

Report (2020-21)

Conclusion of Audit (20-21)


Budget (2019-20)

Public Rights (2019-20)

AGAR (2019-20)

Report (2019-20)


Budget (2018-19)

Public Rights (2018-19)

AGAR (2018-29)

Report (2018-19)

Lilleshall Parish Council may own property in terms of land, building or equipment and we share this register with the public below.

Asset Register File Uploaded: 2 March 2021 57.9 KB