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Luddesdown Parish Council

Minutes and Agenda

All Parish Council meetings are held in Luddesdown Village Hall, Luddesdown Road, Luddesdown, Kent DA13 0XE. They are open for members of the public to attend.  Please click document name below to open and read the document.

Note:- While great care is taken to ensure the accuracy of these documents, readers are advised that the formal documents and other Council records are held by the Parish Clerk. They are available for inspection by prior arrangement.

Agenda and Minutes from Previous Years

Agenda 19th January 2015 Jan15Ag.pdf 59.6 KB Minutes 19th January 2015 Jan15Mins.pdf 73.5 KB Annual Parish Meeting Agenda 16th March 2015 APM2015Ag.pdf 40.3 KB Chairman's Annual Report, March 2015 APM2015ChairRpt.pdf 25.7 KB Agenda 18th May 2015 May15Ag_APCM.pdf 66.3 KB Minutes 18th May 2015 May15MinsFINAL.pdf 96 KB Agenda 29th June 2015 June15ExOrdAg.pdf 50.7 KB Minutes 29th June 2015 29June15MinsFINAL.pdf 60.3 KB Agenda 27th July 2015 July15Ag.pdf 59.8 KB Minutes 27th July 2015 July15MinsFINAL.pdf 81.5 KB Agenda 21st September 2015 Sept15Ag.pdf 62.6 KB Minutes 21st September 2015 Sept15MinsFINAL.pdf 78.9 KB Minutes 16th November 2015 Nov15MinsFINAL.pdf 77.9 KB Agenda 19th October 2015 Oct15Ag.pdf 53.5 KB Minutes 19th October 2015 Oct15MinsFINAL.pdf 61.8 KB Agenda 16th November 2015 Nov15Ag.pdf 60.3 KB Agenda 20th January 2014 Jan14Ag.pdf 48.9 KB Minutes 20th January 2014 Jan14Mins.pdf 38.3 KB Agenda APM 17th March 2014 APA14Ag.pdf 30.9 KB Minutes APM 17th March 2014 APA14Mins.pdf 56.4 KB Agenda 19th May 2014 ldPC_APCM_ag.pdf 63.3 KB Minutes 19th May 2014 ldPC_APCM_Mins.pdf 89.8 KB Agenda 21st July 2014 July14Ag.pdf 56.6 KB Minutes 21st July 2014 July14Mins.pdf 78.4 KB Agenda 15th September 2014 Sept14Ag.pdf 57.1 KB Minutes15th September 2014 Sept14PCMins.pdf 78.1 KB Agenda (Budget) 20th October 2014 Oct14BudgetAg.pdf 50.5 KB Minutes (Budget) 20th October 2014 Oct14BudgetMins.pdf 54.3 KB Agenda 17th November 2014 Nov14Ag.pdf 55.9 KB Minutes 17th November 2014 Nov14Min.pdf 75.3 KB APM Minutes 18th March 2013 LDPC_APM_min2013.pdf 195.6 KB Agenda 20th May 2013 ldPC_Agenda_05.pdf 46.2 KB Minutes 20th May 2013 LDPC_May13mins.pdf 44.5 KB Agenda 15th July 2013 ldPC_Jul13Ag.pdf 44.5 KB Minutes 15th July 2013 ldPC_Jul13Mins.pdf 38.5 KB Agenda 16th September 2013 ldPC_Sept13Ag.pdf 44.8 KB Minutes 16th September 2013 ldPC_Sept13Mins.pdf 35.7 KB Agenda (Budget) 21st October 2013 Oct13BudgetAg.pdf 39.9 KB Minutes (Budget) 21st October 2013 Oct13BudgetMins.pdf 21.1 KB Minutes 23rd January 2012 23Jan2012Mins.pdf 32.8 KB
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