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Your Representatives

Parish Councillors & Clerk

Name Roles & Responsibilities Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

Cllr Noel Clark

Public Rights of Way


Cllr Clark - DPI

Cllr Chris Mileson

GBC Joint Transportation Board

Cllr Mileson - DPI

Cllr Anne Moorhouse


GBC Parish Chairman Group

Cllr Moorhouse - DPI

Cllr Matt Newnes


Environmental & Police Liaison

Recreation Ground

KALC Gravesham Area Committee

Cllr Newnes - DPI

Cllr Johan Rossouw

KALC Gravesham Area Committee

Cllr Rossouw - DPI

Shaun Fishenden

Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer


Borough Councillors (representing Shorne, Cobham & Luddesdown)

Name Email Address

Cllr Bob Lane

Cllr Tony Rice

County Councillor (representing Gravesham Rural)

Name Email Address

Cllr Bryan Sweetland