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Plymouth & District Mens Bowling League

Obituaries 1/11/18


This page will record the passing away of P&D bowlers.Please let me know of any players from your club who pass away.

Name                                   Passed Away                                    Previous clubs

Frank Eldred                   November 2018                                 Plympton

Harold Gamlin                 October 2018                                     Yealmpton

Rodney Nute                   August 2018                                       Saltash

Ralph Langford                August 2018                                      Lee Moor   

Jim Harvey                       August 2018                                      Yealmpton

Graham Williams              August 2018                                      Peverell Park

Colin Green                      July 2018                                           City of Plymouth

Harold Newman               June 2018                                          Peverell Park

Colin Biscombe                June 2018                                          Peverell Park

Gordon Bailey                   May 2018                                          Peverell Park   

Ian Murphy                        April 2018                                          Bere Alston

George Nash                     March 2018                                       Bere Alston

Richard Fulcher                 February 2018                                   Bere Alston

Roy Canty                          April 2018                                         Torpoint

Peter Vittle                         March 2018                                      Sir Francis Drake

Alan Mason                       January 2018                                    Saltash

Terry Parsons                    November 2017                                Sir Walter Raleigh,Civil Service

John Hosking                     November 2017                                Mount Gold,Police

Harold Igglesden               September 2017                                Sir Francis Drake

Brian Bolt                           August 2017                                      Sir Francis Drake 

Keith Bromidge                  August 2017                                      Plymouth Hoe,North Down

Robin Gray                        July 2017                                            Lee Moor

Michael Brookfield             May 2017                                           Plympton

Barrie Henwood                April 2017                                           City Bus

Ron Elford                         March 2017                                        Plymstock

Mike Beaufoy                    February 2017                                    Plymouth SFD,Co-op Unity Park

Ron Calloway                    January 2017                                     Torpoint

Terry Nowlan                     December 2016                                 Mount Gold,Police

Albert Collett                      December 2016                                 Ivybridge

Ray Candy                         November 2016                                 Ivybridge

John Bartley                       November 2016                                 Torpoint

Cliff Folland                        June 2016                                          Sir Francis Drake,Lee Moor,Tothill

Dennis Binding                   June 2016                                          Police

Batt Dingle                         June 2016                                           Sir Francis Drake

Clifford Knight                    Apr 2016                                             Oreston

Derek Gatfield                    Apr 2016                                             Yealmpton

Mike Taylor                       Mar 2016                                              Oreston

Ian Sampson                     Feb 2016                                             Sir Francis Drake

George Tucker                  Jan 2016                                              Oreston

Stan Allsopp                      Jan 2016                                              Ivybridge

Stewart Butler                  Jan 2016                                              Mount Gold

Roy Northam                    Dec 2015                                             Bere Alston,Yelverton

Maurice Forsyth                Dec 2015                                             Yelverton

Dennis Walkling                Dec 2015                                             Yelverton,Torpoint,Saltash

Jim Lawrie                         Dec 2015                                             Unity park

Terry Oates                        Dec  2015                                            Sir Francis Drake

Gordon Freeman            Oct 2015                                              Ivybridge

Terry Coltham                   Oct 2015                                              Ivybridge

Peter Muttram                 Sept 2015                                           Sir Francis Drake

Harold Hards                     Aug 2015                                             Sir Francis Drake

Eric Wise                             Aug 2015                                             Dev.Pk,Civil Serv,CSSA,City Bus

Tony Hiscocks                   July 2015                                             Oreston & Police

Derek Smart                      May 2015                                            Torpoint

Gerald Apps                      May 2015                                            Plympton

Bill Prout                             May 2015                                            Ivybridge

Brian Jasper                       April 2015                                         Peverell Pk

Clive Ashby                        March 2015                                      Ivybridge

Dave Elcombe                   February 2015                                  New Plymouth & Beacon Down

Horace Sweeney               February 2015                                  Devonport Park

Bernard Lock                     January  2015                                   Yelverton             

Bernie Chapman               January  2015                                    Tamar