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Parish News

Shropshire Council Community Governance Review

Shropshire Council are currently undertaking a Community Governance Review of parish councils and have invited proposals for changes to boundaries including the merger of parish councils. The parish councils of Eaton under Heywood and Hope Bowdler  (EHBPC) and Rushbury (RPC) have considered the advantages of a merger of these two councils. The conclusions are

  • a merged council would be more effective in representing those communities
  • the communities represented by the two councils are geographically and social very similar
  • a merged council should be more cost effective in delivery of responsibilities
  • merger is no threat to local representation
  • therefore both councils request Shropshire Council to facilitate a merger.

Both councils agreed to forward the proposal to Shropshire Council at their meetings on 17 October 2022. If Shropshire Council decide to go ahead when it is considered later in 2023 they will undertake formal consultation and will arrange for the consequential changes to be put in place at the election in 2025. The full text of the proposal is available on the attached pdf and there will be opportunity for discussion at our next parish meetings in 2023.

Colin Stevenson, Chairman Rushbury Parish Council          

Graham Watts, Chairman Eaton under Heywood and Hope Bowdler Parish Council                      

New wheelie bin for recycling cans, glass and plastic

Where requested, residents of the parish should now be in possession of an additional wheelie bin for recycling cans, glass and plastic. Where residents have not yet requested but would like one, this can be requested online at

The bin is free of charge, replaces the existing black recycling boxes and helps to increase the amount of waste recycled by providing households with a larger container. It will also reduce the amount of waste lost to the recycling process after being blown out of the boxes on windy days. It will make the storage of recycling more convenient for residents and reduce the amount of bending and lifting for residents and waste and recycling crews. 

Some households may not want a bin due to housing layout or the lack of storage space for the bin. These residents would be able to continue to use their existing waste containers, as will those residents who simply prefer to use boxes. People will also be able to use their new bin as well as their recycling boxes.

Those who longer need their recycling boxes  will be encouraged to retain and reuse them for different purposes – or take them to a recycling centre to be recycled.

For more information go to