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Sheldwich, Badlesmere and Leaveland Parish Council


Welcome to the Sheldwich, Badlesmere & Leaveland Parish Council website.

The Villages of Sheldwich, Baddlesmere & Leaveland lie to the south of Faversham, set in the heart of the Kent countryside on the edge of the Kent Downs.

Sheldwich is first recorded in the year 784 as 'Scilduuic'.  Given that the old english word of 'Scild' means a low hill, and 'Wic' a dwelling place or shelter, which is a good description of this dwelling place on a low hill.  By 1086 there was not mention of Sheldwich as it was still considered a chapelry of Faversham.  Modern scholars however think Sheldwich might be the place peculiarly named as Childresham.

For a full history of the ancient village see the publication Dwelling On A Low Hill by Micheal Johnson  isbn 1900214474, available as Faversham Paper No.94  It is available from Faversham Society by mail order.  The book contains almost 200 thumbnail photographs, which are also available as quality j[egs on CD.



A sunny day in Badlesmere A sunny day in Badlesmere