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Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting is not a meeting of the Parish Council. It is a meeting chaired by the Parish Council Chairman and provides an opportunity for parishioners on the Electoral Roll for Sutton-on-Trent to raise any matters of concern to them that relates to their local community.

The Chairman gives a report on the Parish Council activities over the previous year and generally the County and District Councillors would be invited to do the same for their respective authorities. 

The 2022 Annual Parish Meeting will be held at 7pm on Tuesday, 10th May 2022 at the Methodist Community Centre.  All welcome.

The 2021-22 Chairman's Report will be posted below after it has been presented to the meeting.   

Chairman's Report on 2018/19 given at the Annual Parish meeting on 14th May 2019

Chairman’s Report 2018/19

It has been another busy and successful year for the Parish Council during which there were a number of changes in personnel with Colleen Scholefield stepping down as councillor in January and Stephen Hadley joining in February.  I would like to thank Colleen for her support during her time with the Council and to welcome Stephen.  Another major change came with the retirement of David Landon after more than 20 years’ service as Clerk.  On behalf of the Council I would like to thank David for his years of service and in turn welcome our new clerk Sandra Akerman who joined in October.

Following a handover from the outgoing clerk and  a review of the Council archives, it was agreed that the CBE awarded to Lord Snell in 1930 should be on permanent display within the village.  Born on Church Street in 1865 in humble circumstances, Lord Snell became active in social welfare and rose to serve in government under Ramsey MacDonald and Winston Churchill, and as the Labour Party's leader in the House of Lords.  Thanks go to Steve hall and All Saints Church for providing a display cabinet for the medal.

Through the year, the Council considered nineteen planning applications, some of which were fairly straightforward and others not so.  Most have been supported by the Council with objections recorded on only two occasions due to concerns over loss of space, heightened flood risk and overdevelopment.

General maintenance and the upkeep of public areas was continued through the year with the grass cutting contract being awarded to F Allen Landscapes.  Feedback has been very positive on the way the cemetery, playing field and sports club field are being maintained, so thanks go to Freddie Allen.

An application to the County Council Local Improvement Scheme was successful and an amount of £8,000 has been awarded to purchase three village gateway signs to be located on the Great North Road and Grassthorpe Road.  The design of the signs is in the final stages of approval and it is hoped will be submitted very soon to Malcolm Lane & Sons Limited.  An application was submitted to the fund again this year to replace the finger post sign at the junction of the Great North Road and Hemplands Lane.  A decision is expected sometime in May.

On the evening of Saturday 2nd June, the village experienced heavy rainfall which resulted in severe flash flooding.  Work has been ongoing since the summer by the IDB and County Council Flood Team to assess the reasons for the severe floods and the steps required to mitigate such an event re-occurring.  An update meeting was held on 30th April.

November was a significant month for the entire country with the centenary celebrations of the end of the First World War.  The Council loaned its Minute Book from the period to be part of a very successful Armistice day Exhibition at the Methodist Community Centre.  Thanks go to Mrs Kate Pike for her efforts in bringing this together.  The Council has purchased 50 Royal British Legion Lamp Post poppies to be displayed this November in memory of the fallen.  The Council is considering suggestions for a memorial to the fallen to be erected in the village and will provide more details  through the coming year.

The village acquired its own website at the beginning of January which was built and is managed by the Clerk.  The site is designed to provide residents and visitors alike with information about the village and its groups, local news and events and also provides links to District and County organisations.

In March the Community Library was given notice to quit its current location and work has been ongoing to find a new home for it.  The Methodist Community Centre has been chosen and plans are being made for a smooth relocation hopefully sometime during the summer.  Once again thanks go to all the volunteers for their work with the library and I hope it continues to be successful and the move will open up other opportunities for the library and its users.

In March work commenced on the new housing development and seems to moving on rapidly.  The Village Hall Working Group met to decide on the way forward to providing a purpose-built hall for the village.  Plans were drawn up some time ago by Damien Ellis and, following some adjustments, these will be made available for a public consultation in June.  I am particularly pleased that the village hall project is now formally underway and I look forward to giving regular updates on its progress to the Council and residents.

The Council would like to commend the Committee and volunteers of the Sports Club for all their efforts and hard work on completing the refurbishment.  Volunteer groups such as the Sports Club, WI, Sutton Festival organisers and others play an important role within the village, and I thank everyone for their efforts.

I would also like to thank Mike Harness for carrying out the internal audit again this year, Steve Hall for looking after the clock on the All Saints Church and the defibrillator, our District and County Councillors, Sylvia Michael and Bruce Laughton, the Clerk and all my fellow councillors for their support through the year.