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The Evington Hall

Hire Terms and Conditions

Evington Hall Terms and Conditions of Hire

Booking the Hall

1.            There must be a named Responsible Person for each hire of the hall who must be present during the period of hire.  The Responsible Person must be aged 21 or over.  The Responsible Person should carry a fully charged mobile phone with them at all times in case of emergency.  The hall does not have a land-line telephone and there is no public telephone nearby.

2.            The hall can only be booked via the Booking Officer (Shelley) by completing a Booking Form here, by email (bookings@evingtonhall.org.uk) or by phone / text (07901 908249).

3.            Upon acceptance of a booking, the Bookings Officer will confirm the Booking by email or post.  The Treasurer will issue an invoice for the booking which must be paid in full by the hirer on receipt of the invoice.

4.            The Trustees of the Hall reserve the right to charge a deposit.

Use of the Hall

5.            The Bookings Officer will make arrangements with the hirer to open and shut the hall.

6.            The Bookings Officer will ensure that the heating for the hall is turned on in advance of the booking, when heating is required.  Please note that the heating is controlled automatically by the Bookings Officer.  Under no circumstances should the hirer interfere with the heating controls.

7.            Smoking is NOT PERMITTED in any part of the hall.

8.            Children are NOT ALLOWED in the Kitchen or on the Stage or Behind the Stage, except as a performer during a performance.

9.            Fire Exits should be kept clear at all times.  There are four Fire Extinguishers in the hall (in the entrance hall, the main hall by the double entrance doors and by the left-hand and right-hand doors adjacent to the stage).  The Responsible Person should familiarise themselves with the position and operation of the Fire Extinguishers.

10.         Bouncy Castles are NOT ALLOWED inside or outside the Hall Premises.

In Case of Fire

11.            In case of a fire, the Responsible Person should call the Emergency Services by dialling 999, giving the location of the hall as:

                The Evington Hall or Evington Village Hall

                Lees Road


                Ashford, Kent

                TN25 5HR

                Grid Reference TR 098 449


                It is advsisable to mention that the hall is very close to the centre of Hastingleigh and that Lees Road is sometimes referred to as Elmsted Road.


                The Responsible Person should ensure that all persons have evacuated the hall and have grouped in the hall car park at a safe distance from the fire.  The Responsible Person should remain at the hall until the Emergency Services have arrived.



12.            The Kitchen is equipped with an Instant Water Boiler for making Tea and Coffee and a Water Boiler for providing hot water to the kitchen and toilet taps. Instructions for their operation are located in the Kitchen.



13.          Capacity.

                The hall is licensed by Shepway District Council for the following:


                Close Seating:                    130 persons

                Dancing:                               130 persons

                Seated with Dancing:             72 persons

                Seated at Table:                     59 persons

                Exhibition:                               43 persons


14.          The hall is licensed by Shepway District Council for the consumtion of alcohol by persons over the age of 18 provided the alcohol is supplied by the hirer free of charge or is brought to the hall by those attending the event.


15.          The hall is NOT LICENSED for the sale of alcohol.  Hirers wishing to sell alcohol at an event MUST obtain a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) from Shepway District Council prior to running an event.  An application for a TEN must be received by Shepway District Council at least Ten Days before the start of an  event at the Hall.  Information on how to apply for a TEN will be forwarded to the Hirer by the Bookings Officer on receipt of the Booking Form that requests the sale of alcohol at an event.


16.          The Hall is Licensed by FilmBank Media for the showing of commercially produced films on DVD.  The conditions of this licence are that the film to be shown must be listed on the FilmBank Media website list of films and that a report must be sent to the hall stating the title and year of the film, when it was shown and how many were in the audience.  A charge for showing a film may not be made and the title of the film may only be advertised inside the hall.


End of Hire

16.          At the end of the Hire Period, the Responsible Person should:


  • Check that the Water Boiler and Water Heater are turned OFF
  • Check that the Electric Cooker is switched off at the wall and all knobs are set to zero. 
  • Check the Electric Cooker is clean, if it has been used.
  • Check all plugs are removed and switched off.
  • Check that all tables are wiped and returned to the storage room at the rear of the stage; the floor is swept; all crockery and cutlery are returned to cupboards in a clean condition – cleaning materials are located in the kitchen and backstage.
  • Check that chairs are stacked in “5”s (max 45 black chairs) at sides of hall. Remainder back stage.  Red chairs should be stacked no more than 5 high.
  • Check that curtains are left open (Stage curtains remain closed).
  • Ensure all windows are closed and locked.
  • Switch off all lights in the kitchen, hall, rear of stage, entrance hall , disabled toilet and external lights.  The external lights will remain on for a short while to assist with exiting the hall, if the White Button adjacent to the light switch in the hallway is depressed.  Please Note: the two unisex toilet lights are not controlled manually by a switch - these will switch off automatically after no movement is detected.

17.          It would be appreciated if glass bottles and other large rubbish could be taken away for disposal by the hirer.

18.          ON DEPARTURE -  Set alarm.  Ensure BOTH Front Door locks are secured and return key to the caretaker.

                Please Note:  Point 18 above only applies if setting the alarm and locking up has been agreed with the Bookings Officer.  Otherwise, the Caretaker will set the alarm and lock up.

Thank you for your co-operation.

The Trustees of The Evington Hall


Form EH 6 - Terms and Conditions of Hire

Version 3 - 3Feb17