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Washington History Society

Last Train

Last TRAIN to San Fernando*

From Washington 6th Sept 1963

All Aboard Washington Stn - 5.33pm

Washington's 'Metro' Gets the AXE                     

1. - The 'Last Train' - passing Pelaw Junction on its way to Newcastle.

2. - Washington Station - Looking North?

3. - Washington Station - Looking South? - With Steam(!)

4. - Tickets issued from Washington's two Booking Offices.

5. - A shot looking south from what was Pelaw Junction today. The sidetrack with buffers is still there(!) (complete with signal light post). To the right of these - the original Washington/Newcastle track bed can be seen - with metal post - remnants of the level crossing. Penshaw Monument in the distance behind the bush.
Ready for the Metro?

The cuts were made as part of the 'Beeching Axe' - the decimation of Britain's rail system. The following year - 1964 - saw Washington's designation as a 'New Town'.