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Washington History Society

Sites We Like

NB: The Washington History Society has no responsibility for the content on other websites


http://www.raggyspelk.co.uk/  Excellent and growing collection of photographs 


http://www.photomemoriesarchive.org.uk/ A project to scan and upload 120,000 historic photographs of the North East from the Ward Philipson collection!

http://www.newmp.org.uk/  The most comprehensive recording of names listed on North East World War One memorial sites.

http://www.dmm.org.uk/mindex.htm  This site covers mining in the Northern part of England i.e. County Durham (DUR), Northumberland (NBL), Cumberland (CUL), Westmorland (WES) and the Ironstone mines of North Yorkshire (NRY).

http://wwmp.weebly.com  The recording of World War 1 casualties from Washington by the Wessington U3A War Memorials Group 

http://www.durhamatwar.org.uk/  A First World War centenary project slinking archives, objects and sites that survive today and uncover new stories about local communities 100 years ago.

http://www.washingtonvib.com/home  Washington In Bloom- a voluntary group who maintain the flower beds and scrubs in Washington Village