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Cost of Membership for 2023

Full Membership – Outdoor £100.00 p.a. before May 1st 2023

Indoor Membership-  £20.00 p.a. before September 1st 2023

Life/Honorary Membership Free

Junior member Under 18 Free membership. See below.

Locker fee £10.00 May 1st 2023

Social Membership £10.00 May 1st 2023 Payable at time of joining Due 1st May each year.

Prospective new members 6 free 1 hour sessions

Eligible to play on rinks, subject to conditions please see below

Please note:

  • The above is a list of membership categories and the fees payable.
  • Only Full/outdoor Members paying the £100 membership fee and Honorary and Life Members are permitted to be officers of the Club and eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting and Special General Meetings.
  • Full members, Honorary/Life members and Junior members do not pay to play on the outside green.
  • The cost of Outdoor Membership may be reduced pro-rata at the discretion of the Treasurer for people joining the club in June, July or August.
  • Full/ Outdoor/ Indoor members, Honorary/Life members, and Junior members are automatically entitled to Social Membership.
  • Junior members start paying membership subscriptions on the "due date" following their 18th birthday.
  • Prospective new members who have no experience of bowling must sign in the Visitors book on admittance to the club until they become members.  After they have completed four coaching sessions they may practice on the rinks if they are accompanied by a Full or Indoor Member.
  • Further details regarding membership can be found in the Constitution.


Issued on behalf of the Executive Committee/March 2023