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AGM summary

By Wellington BC

Wednesday, 16 November 2022


Wellington BC Contributor


Minutes from Monday evening's AGM will be issued in due course. But here is a summary, if any attendees reading this spot something I've forgotten please let me know. After a minute's silence remembering members who are no longer with us the evening started with officer's reports. Tony Wollard emphasised the importance of wearing correct bowls shoes in the indoor rink. Our new £15K carpet is already showing signs of wear and tear due to incorrect footwear. All soles must be completely flat, please challenge anyone you spot wearing incorrect footwear.

Both Tony and Derrick Alford commented on the imminent huge hike in energy costs for the club. Please do your bit by keeping doors closed and lights off, please don't adjust any settings. The Exec will need to review membership fees early next spring which will require an EGM.

Derrick also pointed out that £840 out of the admin/other expenditure was for Bowlr. It should be pointed out that £840 is for two years, it just happened to be that two years were paid during the club's financial year ending 30th September. The Bowlr package we use costs £420 per year.

Steve Lovell thanked kitchen and bar helpers and appealed to members to support social functions. Steve was thanked for his efforts over the past three years.

Janet Moore was thanked for her efforts as club chair, she handed over the reins to the new chair, Paul Kelly. In turn Paul presented Ann Cowling with the President's chain of office as Ann starts her two-year tour as President.

Officers elected were- Chair Paul Kelly, Treasurer Derrick Alford, Functions co-ordinator Janet Moore, Assets coordinator Tony Woollard, Bowls coordinator Graham Brown, Admin assistant Brian Wombwell. Men's captain Eddie Dilley, Ladies captain Brenda Wilson, mixed captain Ian Hollingsworth.

The Admin coordinator role remains vacant, could any member interested in taking this task on please speak to a member of the Executive.

Tony Woollard said he won't be standing for reelection next year, could any member interested in taking this role next year speak to Tony, it would be useful to shadow Tony for a while.

The two proposals by the Executive- To give a small token of appreciation for Members who give up their time on a regular basis for the benefit of the Club and to give Indoor Members the opportunity to vote on Indoor matters only were both rejected by the membership. The motions to amend the constitution were passed, as was the members proposal to return the Amy Stanton mixed pairs to a standard mixed pairs format.

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