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Rights of Way

There is an extensive network of footpaths and bridleways in the parishes of Castleton, Goathill, Oborne and Poyntington.

The Parish Council would like to acknowledge the work of Dorset County Council and other bodies in maintaining in good condition the network of paths and tracks across Dorset, and especially in this part of the county.

We are also fortunate in our local footpaths officers, or rights of way liaison officers, as they are officially known. Jim Hart for Castleton and John Keeling for Poyntington have been caring for the paths in their own parishes for several years. Councillor Greg Kellaway has recently taken on the job in Oborne. The Parish Council is grateful for all their hard work.

All the rights of way in Dorset can be seen on the Dorset Explorer interactive map:

Further information, including a form to report network problems, can be found on the Dorset Councils website: