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Allhallows Footpaths

There are a network of registered public footpaths in the Parish Council area (see map attached). These are officially registered and maintained by Medway Council (the highway authority). Just because a footpath has been used for a long time, it may not be registered as a Public Footpath so there is often little that can be done on them, but we look out for opportunities should that arise.

The parish council have appointed a 'Footpaths Officer', a voluntary role, to oversee out footpaths and take-up issues with Medway Council - . For many years it was Colin Davis, but has been Parish Councillor Trevor Boley in recent years - also assisted by Terry Paternoster.

The Parish Council responded to the Medway Council Review in 2018/19 and we are waiting to see if there are any improvements coming forward. The England Coast Footpath Access is also looking at Grain to Woolwich and the Thames Path is also looking at extending out through our parish, so there are opportunities for some small scale improvements.