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Cross Park - Open for All

Cross Park Entrance Cross Park Entrance

The Cross Park site is looking to the future. The parish council are investigating how to best maintain and improve the facilities for the villagers.

1) Access

There are discussions underway to create a 'permissive' footpath between Cross Park and the Recreation Ground - this would create shortcuts between the central and middle parts of the village to Cross Park, British Pilot and the seawall as well as opening up circular walks.

2) Pavilion

The pavilion is open for business and holds regular events during the day and ad-hoc events during the evening. Contact Pat Huntley-Chipper for bookings 01634 271789

3) Recreation

The local football team has been unable to use the pitch due to lack of changing rooms. They have placed a modular building behind the pavilion to act as a temporary changing rooms and will be connected to water and electricity soon following a grant from Medway Green Spaces (S106 contributions). Longer term it is planned to build an extension to the pavilion.

4) Country Park

The wildlife area of the park has recently undergone some tender loving care (TLC) and the pathways cleared. There has been new planting and management by a volunteer and friends and a recent meeting with the Kent Wildlife Trust and Medway Greenspaces to consider future options for the site and put together a management plan to pull all the activities together and improve the site. 
Following the meeting the parish council have been approached about a project to infill part of the site and create a new woodland. This is still at the feasibility stage and the council is waiting for details of the woodland and how the operations will be carried out. There will also be wide consultation with local residents when the details are available and before any full commitment to the project. Following some concerns from residents, the Chair of the Parish Council has published a letter to explain the current council position 8/11/2017. Resident's Survey results have now been published.

Land Logical are running a drop-in session to get resident's views. Thursday 8th February 1pm to 3pm, 5pm to 7pm 

The parish council have also been approached by the owners of the Kingsmead Park (Allhallows Park) about their plans to extend the park by 81 units. As part of this they will provide the permissive footpath (see 1 above) and will look to partner with the parish council to provide shared facilities for the use of their residents and the residents of Allhallows, at their cost. Suggested facilities are :

a) Bowling Green or Tennis Courts (on the plateau)
b) the permissive path
c) extensions to the current pavilion to provide a new community centre, including permanent changing rooms, indoor sports and social facilities. 

A public exhibition was held on Thursday 30th November 2017 and Turner's have submitted a planning application. The parish council is continuing to discuss the benefits and issues of the s106 facilities and there will be further details soon.

The Planning Application for Allhallows Park (Kingsmead) was approved by the Medway Council Planning Committee 20th March 2019.

Keep in contact for more information about the site.