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Members of the Council:

Balterley Ward:

Cllr Dave Hales, Brooklands, Common Lane, Betley. Crewe  CW3 9AL  cllrhales@betley-balterley-wrinehill.org.uk

Cllr David Karling, Daisy Farm, Balterley Green Road, Balterley, Crewe  CW2 5QE  cllrkarling@betley-balterley-wrinehill.org.uk

Cllr Chris Watkin, 1 Ravenshall Barns, Main Road, Betley, Crewe  CW3 9BJ  cllrwatkin@betley-balterley-wrinehill.org.uk

Betley Ward:

Cllr Robert Bettley-Smith (Chairman of the Council), Beech Wood, Main Road, Betley, Crewe  CW3 9AB  cllrbettley-smith@betley-balterley-wrinehill.org.uk

Cllr Neil Bullock, Hall Bank Cottage, Main Road, Betley, Crewe  CW3 9AD  cllrbullock@betley-balterley-wrinehill.org.uk

Cllr Seb Daly (Vice-Chairman of the Council), 2 Ladygates, Betley, Crewe  CW3 9AN  cllrdaly@betley-balterley-wrinehill.org.uk

Cllr Graham Ecclestone, The Swan, Main Road, Betley, Crewe  CW3 9AA  cllrecclestone@betley-balterley-wrinehill.org.uk

Cllr Richard Head, The Barn, Main Road, Betley, Crewe  CW3 9AB  cllrhead@betley-balterleywrinehill.org.uk

Cllr Ian Walton, 6 Court Walk, Betley, Crewe  CW3 9DP  cllrwalton@betley-balterley-wrinehill.org.uk

Wrinehill Ward:

Cllr Mandy Berrisford, Red Hall Farm, Heighley Lane, Betley, Crewe  CW3 9BA  cllrberrisford@betley-balterley-wrinehill.org.uk

Cllr Tony Reah, The Old Post Office, New Road, Wrinehill, Crewe  CW3 9BY  cllrreah@betley-balterley-wrinehill.org.uk

Cllr Frank Speed, Betley Court Farm, Main Road, Betley, Crewe  CW3 9BH  cllrspeed@betley-balterley-wrinehill.org.uk



Gwyn Griffiths, 18 Holly Mount, Basford, Crewe  CW2 5AZ  01270 663832   clerk@betley-balterley-wrinehill.org.uk  or  griffiths725@btinternet.com