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Tips for New Bowlers

    • The Club has a number of sets that you can borrow - ask the Club coach or any member
    • Size depends upon your hand and how well you can hold / grip the bowl
    • There are many sizes, with or without grips (of varying types), as well as different weights & bias. Never mind the different colours. Ask for advice from the outset.
  2. Give the sport a try, come down to the green and have a practise.
  3. Detailed knowledge of the playing rules is rarely what is on the mind of a beginner in any sport. This usually comes from actually playing and enjoying the game. There are however rules, which can be purchased from Bowls England at a nominal charge.
  4. The game of Bowls is a traditionally friendly and relaxing. The requirements of etiquette and dress and of sporting behaviour do not affect this friendliness.
  5. We have produced a guide for all new members, which provides more information. If you can not find the answer in here please ask one of the members and or committee who will gladly help you.