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Please follow the link below regarding updated advice and guidelines from the National Allotment Society.

East Meon Parish Council are responsible for two allotment sites; one located in Frogmore running alongside the River Meon and the other at the end of Workhouse Lane next to the Football pitch.

There are a total of 28 plots spread across the two sites and some of these are split into half plots for those that would prefer to tend a smaller area. Allotments not only provide an opportunity to grow fresh fruit and vegetables but offer a peaceful oasis and good exercise. In East Meon, there are a variety of crops grown including soft fruits and a good range of vegetables. Working an allotment does involve quite a commitment and requires a few hours a week through the Summer and Autumn to keep the sites well maintained.

The rental cost for a whole plot is currently £20 per year. If you would be interested in obtaining an allotment or have any queries about them, please contact Cllr David Cooke at or 01730 823363.