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The name Lengthsman dates back to the 1800’s, referring to workers who were responsible for keeping a particular length of road neat and tidy.

Nowadays it is not feasible for parishes to have their own Lengthsman, but the work still needs doing. Hampshire County Council now funds a scheme under which parishes join together and share the services of Lengthsmen and East Meon joined this scheme in 2018. There is no cost to the Parish and we get the services of a Lengthsman for some 21 days a year and if we had to pay for this, it would cost over £1000 each year. Cllr David Cooke is the link between the parish and the Lengthsman, meeting with him and arranging for him to do what is needed.

Jobs that the Lengthsman has undertaken recently include removal of the rotten white entry gates to the village and weeding along the river in the High Street.

David is always keen to receive suggestions of works the Lengthsman could do, so if you have any thoughts on this, please contact David on 01730 823363 or email