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Current Applications and EWPC Responses

21/00860/PIP – Furzelea, Hall Common, East Woodhay.

The Planning Committee of East Woodhay Parish Council was directly approached by the owner of the land regarding this application some time ago.  At the time the Committee were not made aware that it had been subject to an application in 2012 which was refused; and the reasons for refusal at that time remain fundamentally unchanged now.

  1. Whilst the Committee may have been more supportive to some development in the past, the Committee is now finding that itself inundated with applications of this type – which are being taken to appeal when refused by BDBC – many of which are in the vicinity of this site e.g. APP/H1705/W/20/3264678 Land adjoining Knights Farm – and all of which are known to the applicant’s agent.   The Committee is not at all comfortable with so much development in the countryside for housing which, as a Parish, is not required.  Consideration must be given to the cumulative impact of such developments and they should not be considered in isolation as this will lead to the slow erosion of the countryside and AONB.
  2. This development would constitute continued development in the countryside, well outside the agreed Settlement Policy Boundary (SPB).  The Parish Council and the community agreed the Woolton Hill SPB in the Local Plan in order to contain development within that boundary and thereby protect the countryside and the AONB.   Further development would not only undermine the very purpose of the SPB, but effectively ignore it altogether, making community involvement in agreeing the SPB entirely redundant.
  3.  There is no locally agreed need for further housing in the Parish, which has an insufficient supporting infrastructure - including local public transport, which is extremely limited. 
  4. Whilst BDBC may be under pressure to deliver more housing, East Woodhay Parish has more than satisfied its quota, delivering a substantial new stock of housing.  This was confirmed some time ago in a letter to EWPC dated 10th August 2020 from Joanne Brombley, Planning Policy Manager, which refers to Local Plan Policy SS5 (Neighbourhood Planning) housing requirement: "The policy stipulates that sites /opportunities will need to be identified to provide at least 10 new homes in East Woodhay. ...............................  As of 1 April 2020, 65 dwellings have been granted planning permission within and adjacent to the Woolton Hill SPB that satisfy the policy SS5 requirement, of these 52 have been completed. Therefore, the council considers that the ‘at least’ 10 requirement has been achieved."  
  5. This Parish Council is trying to prevent further urbanisation of the countryside within our Parish – this and other development proposals of this type in the area, do not fit with the spirit of the Local Plan or the Neighbourhood Plan which is in preparation.  Nor do they fit with the East Woodhay Village Design Statement.
  6. Following the number of applications for development of this type which have been raised, the Committee can no longer support any applications for building of this type on sites within the Parish, especially those which are outside the SPB and are in the countryside.

 The Committee of East Woodhay Parish Council object to the above application for the reasons outlined above and to ensure consistency across the Parish.