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As a parish council we liaise with Hampshire County Council in relation to all highway and transport issues.

Roads within our parish are maintained by Hampshire County Council and all problems can be reported directly to them using their web site. The Parish Council encourages all residents to use this facility whenever possible. Issues that can be dealt with include:-

1. Roads

2. Street lights, traffic lights and signs

3. Potholes

4. Pavements

5. Salt bins

6. Drains and flooding

7. Other problems, for example, fly-tipping

To use this service please click on the attached link to access the ‘Report Road Problems to Hampshire’ or see the link under "Report a Problem" and follow the instructions. The problem will be logged and you will then be able to opt to track the progress of the reported problem.

If you don’t have access to the internet then you can phone Hampshire County Council directly to report Highways problems or issues on: 01329 225393.

Also see HCC's dedicated page "Operation Resilience" for an up-to-date map of planned works in the region: 

Hedges bounding the highways are the responsibility of the landowner. The parish council liaises with landowners when necessary to ensure that hedges are kept in good order. Please contact the clerk if you notice any hedges or overgrown vegetation that you think may need attention.

Obstructions on Roadside Verges 

Members of the public should be aware that placing obstructions (eg. large stones, tree stumps, wooden posts) on road verges to prevent possible damage by vehicles may cause them liability claims in the event of an accident, where it can be shown that the obstruction contributed to the accident. 

What constitutes a Public Highway? 

Hampshire County Council advises that public highways, such as the many roads and lanes throughout the parish, extend between the adjoining property boundaries on either side, which may be the fences, hedges or walls of those properties. This provides the whole area over which the public has a right to pass and re- pass, including carriageways, footways, cycleways, paved areas, roundabouts, traffic islands, planted borders and grass verges. 

What if I place barriers to protect the roadside verge? 

Hampshire County Council does not allow encroachments like this on the publicly maintained highway and may remove those of which it is aware. It also advises that, if an accident should occur and the presence of an obstruction - be it for example wooden posts, rocks, stakes, or deliberately placed logs - is in any way considered to be a factor, the County Council would dispute liability for any claim that is submitted and suggest that it be redirected to the homeowner. Residents would therefore be wise to check whether the indemnity of their liability insurance will extend to such claims.