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Car service

It can be difficult to get to the Doctor’s surgery or Community hospital if you are unable to drive yourself.

The Three Villages Car service consists of a group of volunteers who can help take villagers of all ages from Great Milton, Milton Common and the Haseleys to their appointments, if help is needed.

Passengers are asked to contribute £2- £3 for a round trip towards petrol costs.

If you need help, please contact:-
Jane Jefferis  01844 278743 or
Wendy Richardson 07763 800467

We will help if we can.

We are very grateful to our wonderful team of volunteer drivers.

During the Pandemic

Our car service is now operational to take those who have no other way of getting there to the doctor’s surgery.

We ask all passengers and drivers to wear masks, and passengers to sit in the back seat, which will be wiped down before and after use.

Please do not miss your opportunity to be vaccinated. Give us a call if you need help