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Parish councillors

Great Milton Parish Councillors

Name & title Ward Contact Number

Stephen Harrod 

Stephen Harrod (Chair)

Church Road to Monkery Farm and The Priory

01844 278068

Bill Fox (Vice-Chairman)

Thame Road including Fullers Field and Green Hitchings

01844 279716

Peter Allen (Councillor)

Milton Common

 01844 278334

David Harms (Councillor)

The Green from Priory Bank to Tara/Applewood

Malcolm Horsley (Councillor)

King’s Head House/Red Roofs to Wheatley Boundary

07970 924194

Sarah Illingworth (Councillor)

High Street from North End Cottage to the Old Garage

Sarah MacMahon (Councillor)

Thame Road from Green Hitchings to A329

Chris Ashworth (Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer)


Parish Council Representatives

The Sheppard Trust – Simon Cronk, Jane Willis, Ann Price, Pat Cox


The Hard Surface Play Area Committee – Mark Nethercleft (Chair), Dan Bennett (Treasurer), Sarah MacMahon (Membership



Great Milton Recreation Ground Management Committee – James Cunningham (Chair), Michele Block (Vice-Chair)


Neighbourhood Watch – Rod Snowdon


The Kent & Couling Charity – Simon Cronk, Tricia Treanor, Sue Denham


The Old Field Charity – Adrian Buckmaster (Chair), David Mackrory (Treasurer)


Neighbours Hall – Mike Robinson (Chair), Christine Donnelly