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The Kent & Couling Charity
Trustees: Mrs R Booker and Mrs C D’Anger

This charity is derived from the estate of Charles Robey Couling who died on Christmas Day 1911. In his will he set up a Charitable trust with the object of “The purchasing of coal and other fuel to be distributed among the most deserving of the Poor parishioner of Great Milton”. At the end of 1972, the Couling Charity was united with the Kent Charity to form the Kent & Couling Trust. The Kent Charity has similar objectives.

The Kent & Couling Charity has an income of roughly £400 per annum.
These days, supermarket vouchers tend to be given rather than coal or other fuel. In 2008 vouchers were given to 12 parishioners. The Trustees would like to hear of people in need who they may be able to assist.

The Sheppard Trust
Contact: The Rector, Revd. Victor Story (01844 279498)

The Sheppard Charitable Trust was established and is regulated by a scheme sealed by the Charity Commissioners on the 15th October 1993 and is a direct successor of the Great Milton Men’s and Boy’s Institute. It derives its income from the investment of the proceeds from the sale of the property bequeathed to it under the will of Miss Ellen Katherine Sheppard in 1906.

The Charity applies that income “for any charitable purpose for the general benefit of the inhabitants of the Parish of Great Milton” and gives grants to Great Milton based organisations and to projects in Great Milton. It is not allowed to give grants to individuals. The Trustees meet three times a year, usually January, May and September. In 2008, total expenditure was £8,825

The meetings of the Trustees are advertised in the Great Milton Bulletin together with details of the procedure to be followed for applying to the Trust for grants. The Chairman of the Trust is the Rector who is pleased to assist in any way.

Allotment for Exercise and Recreation (Old Field)
Chair Managing Trustees: Mrs Nicki Patrick

The Inclosure Act 1844 awarded Old Field as an allotment for exercise and recreation for the inhabitants of Great Milton. The 4 acre field became a registered charity (Charity Number 283269) in 1996 with the Parish Council as Custodian Trustee and local volunteers as Managing Trustees.

Old Field belongs to all the inhabitants of Great Milton and is available for their benefit.

Prior to 1985 the field was let annually by the Parish Council for use by local farmers but, in that year, the Council was persuaded by a group of local people to allow the creation of a conservation area in the field. The following Spring 1 acre of the field was planted with native tree species, predominantly oak and ash, with a shelter belt of bushes. Later, a pond for wild life was dug and lined with clay. The remainder of the field is managed as a hay meadow, with the hedges laid in the traditional manner.

The field is maintained entirely by local volunteers in small working parties, except for the annual hedge trim. The hay meadow and footpaths through the trees have been cut free of charge by a member of the group in exchange for the hay. Interest from a capital fund pays for insurance, water supply and hedge trimming but any major projects such as hedge laying have to be funded from grant aid.
Minor projects during the years have included the planting of fritillaries and wild flower seeds in the hay meadow, pruning of most of the trees with the trimmings left on the ground to provide habitat, and the laying of a couple of sheets of corrugated iron to encourage slow worms.

A public footpath traverses the field, and both the gate from Thame Road and the stile at the A329 end are the responsibility of the Managing Trustees.