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Parish Services

Welcome to our Parish Services:

The Parish Council is responsible for delivering a number of local services, specifically it is a statutory consultee for all planning applications in the parish and is responsible for maintaining the Lenham Cemetery. If you wish to book a plot at the cemetery or scatter ashes, please see the note below.

Planning Applications

Planning matters and current building activity

The parish council continues to receive “complaints / comments” about issues linked to some of the building work that is happening.

While the parish council is a statutory consultee during the application process for any building, whether this is by individual householders or development companies, once the proposal is approved by the Planning Authority at Maidstone the responsibility for ensuring the works take place as set out in the approved development plan rest with Maidstone Borough Council.

This role is handled by the Planning Enforcement Team, they can be emailed on: or by ‘phone on­ 01622 602809. Any observations or queries relating to developments should be directed to this team as the parish council is not in a position to "enforce" anything once the approved plan is underway.

We do keep all of the activity on active sites under review and make representations ourselves if we feel that something is not proceeding according to the agreed plan.

Hopefully this clears up some of the potential confusion over the parish council’s role in these matters.


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