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Neighbourhood Plan

The Lenham Neighbourhood Plan went to public referendum on May 6 2021. Everyone registered to vote had the opportunity to express their opinion on the plan and 92% of those who did supported it.. The Lenham Neighbourhood Plan was "made" at the July 2021 meeting of Maidstone Borough Council and is now part of the Maidstone Borough Council development plan for the borough.

In terms of Maidstone Borough Council's proposal to create a so-called "Garden Village" east of Lenham village, this is not included in the neighbourhood plan. In fact the plan, as independently inspected, contains a policy establishing and safeguarding the relationship between the village as it will develop and the surrounding settlements and landscapes.

Lenham Parish Council is on record as being wholly against the Maidstone Borough Council proposals for Lenham Heath and remains resolutely against any such development.


The Lenham Neighbourhood Plan was submitted for Regulation 19 examination on 17 December 2019. A public consultation, which was organised by Maidstone Borough Council, ran between 17 February 2020 and 27 March 2020. Lenham Parish Council supported this by organising information days around the parish. These took place around the parish although the final on was interrupted by the COVID stay at home regulations.

The Independent Examiner's Report on the Lenham Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed here.

The Lenham Neighbourhood Plan is available - click the image below to view:

This is the post examination version of the Lenham Neighbourhood Plan which was formally "made" in July 2021.

Lenham Neighbourhood Plan - Post Examination File Uploaded: 24 November 2020 9.7 MB