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Mere bowls club



Our Club is affiliated to Bowls Wiltshire and English Bowls Association, both of which we have close co-operation through our Club Secretary.

Check the link below to learn more about the activities of Bowls Wiltshire 'Moonrakers'..


The Club runs six internal competitions throughout each season with winners and runners-up being awarded prizes, these are given out at the annual dinner held each year during the closed season, normally in mid to late January; there is a £1.00 entry fee for each competition.
In addition to Club competitions and roll-ups the Club plays a number of friendly matches each season on a home and away basis and we also enter teams in the Westbrook and Wessex Leagues; these are leagues made up of relatively local clubs and each match consists of four mixed triples from each team. Sheets requesting members to put their names down for matches or Club competitions are placed on the notice board in advance of each fixture; sheets advising selected teams for each match are displayed on the outside notice board, members are required to ‘tick off’ their names to indicate that they have noted dates/times etc for each match that they have been selected for. There is a £2.00 fee for each home game; there are no fees levied for away games but there is a table of donations that each passenger pays the driver published on the notice board, these donations are reviewed periodically as fuel prices vary.
There is a ‘Ladies Section’ of the Club, the Ladies play a number of home and away friendly matches each season against local clubs along with fixtures in the North Dorset Ladies Monday League.
The Club has a ‘Constitution’ which is available on request from the Secretary; this is issued to all new members when they join. In addition a Club Fixtures List is also issued to all members at the start of the season and to new members when they join.
The Club is run by a committee, currently consisting of ten members, this committee comprises a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, the Club Captain and Ladies Captain, the Club Vice Captain, Head Green Keeper and three other members; all of whom can be approached for assistance at any time during the season. There are currently three Wiltshire County and Bowls England approved Coaches in the Club who are available to assist members with any aspect of their game.



MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION It is normally at the opening day, this year 18th April and is £55 for the season (£35 for new members), payable to our Treasurer, Richard Coombs. Cheques to be made payable to MERE BOWLS CLUB.

ROLL-UPS These normally take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, starting at 6pm (5pm in April, May and September) and on Saturday afternoons at 3pm. A draw is held before play commences to decide number of rinks, triples or pairs to be played, subject to number of those present and £1 fee given to a committee member

MATCHES We predominately play triples matches throughout the season, either friendlies or league fixtures, where a sheet is displayed in the clubhouse for those interested to enter their names. Our Club Captain then selects the team and endorses times and where to attend, along with refreshments when required.
All members are urged to enter, regardless of experience or ability.
Where a fixture is ‘away’ players share transport and the Club will pay the driver in accordance with the distance travelled, as shown on the chart also displayed.

DRESS For roll-ups and competitions, white or club shirt, grey trousers or skirts and flat soled shoes of any colour.
For Friendlies, finals day and Wessex League, white trousers or skirts.
For Westbrook and North Dorset Ladies Leagues, grey trousers or skirts.

EQUIPMENT Bowls are the major cost of our sport, where a new set can be around £120 to £150, depending on make. Always take advice before investing to decide the best size, weight etc. There are various types available to try at the Club and second hand sets are preferable in the beginning.
Regulation brown, white or grey shoes will be needed, along with ‘club’ shirt for representative matches and, later, jackets or ‘wet’ suits are desirable.


Bowls is amongst the friendliest of sports and long may it remain so.
This is due to the conventional rules of courtesy established over the years and here are some of the acts of sportsmanship that enhance the game.
· The game is always begun with introductions, handshakes and wishes for a good game.
· Players stand still behind the mat or head during play so as not to distract a player delivering a bowl.
· Always commend a good shot, whether from team mate or opponent with a clap or a ‘well bowled’.
· Accept flukes with good grace (there is much luck in bowls but it usually evens itself out).
· Finish as you started with a handshake and, remember to congratulate your opponent on a game well played, whatever the outcome.

The etiquette of lawn bowls is a combination of good manners, sportsmanship and sociability.
These courtesies are best described as the unwritten laws of the game and are extras designed to promote and enhance the excellent reputation for friendliness and sportsmanship that the game of bowls has rightly earned.

“Be familiar with the laws of the game and any variations that might specifically apply to the Club or to any Tournament in which you may be playing”


· Ensure you are correctly attired as dress code for matches or competitions can vary. If in doubt consult your Captain or Secretary.
· Ensure that you know the correct starting time of the game and arrive in sufficient time to change and be on the Green ready to start at the appointed time.
· Display the correct stickers on your bowls (Club/District/County, as appropriate.
· Support your Club by entering your name on availability sheets whenever possible. (If unsure how to do this, consult your Club Coach, Captain or Secretary).
· If for a good reason you have to withdraw after selection, please find a suitable replacement player to deputise and notify your Captain as quickly as possible.
· Play your part in assisting with the smooth running of your Club and support it’s officers. Check to see if you are scheduled to help with catering or with preparing equipment for the Pavilion or Green or any other duties. Should you be unable to fulfil your designated tasks, notify your Captain or Secretary without delay.
· Law 37 defines the duties of players when playing as a rink (Four players with 2 bowls each)
1. The ‘skip’ shall have sole charge of his/her team.
2. The ‘third’ may be deputised to measure any disputed shots.
3. The ‘second’ may keep a record of all shots for or against his/her team.
4. The ‘lead’ shall place the mat, deliver the jack and assist with centring it before playing the first bowl.


· Enter and leave the green by the designated routes (do not cross the rinks)
· Respect the green surface at all times – do not drop bowls on the green.
· Do not stand on the edge of the green or walk in the ditches.
· Do not drop litter on the green or in the ditches (Use the receptacles provided.)
· Always respect possession of the rink. Remain still and quiet, whether at the ‘mat’ end or at the ‘head’ whilst others are delivering their bowls.
· Never deliver your bowl before the previous bowl has come to rest.
· Keep track of play and be ready to bowl when it is your turn.