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The Club is now closed for all activities to members, the greens team continue to work on the green in preparation for 2021. See story below.

Mere Town Council Conditions of Use for Andy Young Pavilion

Mere TC Conditions of Use.pdf File Uploaded: 11 August 2020 1.5 MB

Hi Everyone,


Thought I’d just pen a note for you to read about the work we’ve done so far on the green before the winter sets in.


In the last week of August we sent some soil samples off to a green’s expert for an analysis which would give us a good idea of the state of the green’s chemistry and soil makeup. The chemistry was pretty good but the earthy and grassy bits needed attention. You will all have noticed how spongy the green has become and this was primarily due to the prevalence of thatch (dead grass) beneath the living grass. The expert provided a plan of action to be carried out over the next year to help correct any chemical imbalances and to address the problem of the thatch.


This was started a couple of weeks ago when we cored the green using our own coring machine. This removed soil and grass cores, each about 100mm long by 10mm diameter, every 100mm. By my maths this meant removing over 150,000 cores, all of which needed to be cleared (see photo).


This week the green was scarified using a hired machine. The process of scarifying uses a set of rotating cutting blades which penetrate about 10mm into the surface lifting out the thatch and leaving it on the surface. The exercise has taken two days. The first day we scarified the whole green twice in different directions and started clearing the thatch. The second day we finished the clearing up. There are more photos below but they hardly do justice to the volume of thatch. We estimate that we removed at least 100 barrowloads of the stuff!!


The green’s team of Trevor Mead, Tony Rankin, John FitzGerald and Ron Heesom have put in an enormous amount of work without which the green would never improve.


The next phase is to mow, fertilise and slit tine the green every month until April. Then we change to a different set of processes. Our expert supplied plan suggests we also scarify again next March! We’ll have to judge this nearer the time but if we do we will be calling on club members to help out with the clearing. More of that later.


Let’s hope we will be able to make use of the expected improvements next season!


Hope all is well.