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Melees and other Events

March 7th Melee
14 players turned out for our Melee on 7th March. After three rounds there was just one unbeaten player – Sarah Jerger who therefore took the honours. There were seven players with two wins, the best being Diane Emberton with +10, closely followed by one of our newest members Anthea Sansom with +9. Well done to her!

February 1st Melee
The February 1st Melee  attracted 12 players. After three rounds two of our guest players were unbeaten with Vicky Lloyd having a better points (+22) difference and winning over 2nd place Rachael Kelly (+17).

January 4th Melee
The hard fought melee on 4th January involved 14 players and after three rounds there were just two unbeaten players – Paula David and John Emberton – who tied for top place with a points advantage of +10 each. Five players achieved two wins each, the best of these being Rita David with +12 who therefore won third prize.

December 7th Melee
The December melee was contested by ten players. After three rounds there were just two unbeaten players – Dave Hancox and Perry Stevens, Dave winning with a better points difference.                                                                                                                            

Beaujolais Nouveau Melee
21 players turned out for our Annual Beaujolais Nouveau melee on Saturday 23rd November, all expecting rain but very happy when it held off until the last few minutes of the afternoon. After three rounds there were just two unbeaten players – Dave Hancox and Perry Stevens, with Dave taking the honours on +22, well ahead of Perry’s +11. There were seven players with two wins, the best of these being Becky Rushton on +13, who took third place.
At the end of play everyone adjourned to the club house for a French themed buffet and a taste of the 2019 Beaujolais Nouveau. The wine was very drinkable and the buffet was excellent, particularly the French Onion Soup made by Rich Rushton, so everyone had a great afternoon.

 November 2nd Melee
13 players turned out for our monthly Melee on 2nd November in pleasant conditions after the heavy rain in the morning. After three rounds there were just two unbeaten players: Dave Hancox and John Emberton who tied with a +22 advantage. Five players won two games, the best of these being Paula David with +16, who was therefore third in the competition.

October 5th Melee
10 players turned out for our monthly Melee on 5th October and after three rounds there were three unbeaten players. Dave Hancox took the honours with a +19 advantage, with Rich Powell and Perry Stevens tying for 2nd place with +15 each. We also welcomed new players Rick and Sally Hayes.

Open Pairs 29th September
Stockton's Open Pairs attracted 8 teams on a rain-threatened day . Rich Powell paired up with Brian Stote from Coventry and was victorious in the final against Phil Price and Elianne David from Kenilworth. The plate was won by Jeff Rand and David Kimpton from Stockton, and the title of Stockton Pairs champions went to Dave Hancox and Iain Cunningham who were unbeaten in the qualifying league but lost in the semi final to Phil and Elianne.

September 7th Melee
15 players turned out for our monthly Melee on 7th September which had a remarkable finish. After three rounds there were three unbeaten players with just one point separating them. There was a tie for first place between Sarah Jerger and Rich Rushton with +27, hotly followed by Bill Bentley with +26!

Heart of England Summer Triples
The Summer Triples league finished on 4th September with a very tight finish, featuring Stockton teams. Dave Hancox, Pete Bingham and Teresa Bingham entered the final round in the lead and hot favourites. However, the team featuring Jeff Rand had a great last round and just pipped Dave, Pete and Teresa to take the title.

Stockton Open Triples
Our annual Open Triples on 25th August was well supported with 11 teams, including visitors from Leicester, Hereford and Kenilworth. The visitors were triumphant, with the Leicester team beating the Hereford team in the final, and a Kenilworth team winning the plate.

August 3rd Melee
The August melee attracted just 12 players, and after three rounds there was just one unbeaten player – Rich Rushton, who therefore took the honours. Six players had two wins each, the best of this bunch being Wendy Brittain with a +15 points difference.

July 6th Melee
Just eight players turned out for the July melee, the only unbeaten player after three rounds being Charlie Caruana. Rita David was 2nd as the best of the players winning two games, just ahead of Dave Hancox.

June 1st Melee
13 players contested the June melee, with just two unbeaten players after three rounds – Dave Hancox on +26 and Rachael Kelly on +21.

May 4th Melee
There were ten contestants in the May melee, and after three rounds there were just two unbeaten players – Perry Stevens on +12 and Rich Rushton on +11. Well done to Perry as our newest member and his first Melee victory.

Charity Easter Pairs – 20th April
16 teams turned out for our Charity event on Easter Saturday, with Rich Rushton and Alfie Potter representing Stockton PC in the final against the Whitnash pairing of Hannah Griffin and Glen Woodward. Hannah and Glen won the final, whilst the plate was won by the Nomades pairing of David Mason and Phil Price. The club made £190 which was donated to Myton Hospice.

Open Melee 6th April
14 Players turned out for the April melee, and after three rounds there were just two unbeaten players - Bill Bentley taking the honours with a +25 points advantage, well ahead of Charlie Caruana with +14. There were 6 players with two wins, the best of these being Perry Stevens with +13. 

Open Melee 2nd March
12 Players contested the melee on 2nd March. Following a very keen competition no-one won all their games after three rounds, with six players winning two games. The winner, with the best points advantage after two wins, was Alfie Potter with +14, just pipping Bill Bentley with +12 and Rich Rushton with +11.

Open Melee 2nd February
Just 9 players turned out for the February melee and after three rounds there was just one unbeaten player - Rich Rushton, who therefore took the honours. There were three players with two wins, the best of these being Becky Rushton with a points advantage of +2, closely followed by Iain Cunningham on +1 and Diane Emberton on -2.

Open Melee 5th January
10 players turned out for the first melee of 2019. After three rounds there were just two unbeaten players - Rich Rushton with a +11 points advantage, and Perry Stevens who ran out winner with +12.  

Open Melee 1st December
10 players turned out for the last melee of 2018. After three rounds there were just two unbeaten players - Perry Stevens with a +12 points advantage, and Sarah Jerger who ran out winner with a great +18.  

Beaujolais Party Day 17th November
30 people joined the festivities from around the midlands regions, with 3 players remaining unbeaten in a hard fought 3 round melee.
England espoirs player Aimee Collee had the most points and claimed victory.
Fantastic French onion soup provided by James at the club warmed everyone up afterwards as part of our French themed buffet. We also sampled this years Beaujolais  Nouveau which was surprisingly good! Overall, a great party!

Open Melee 3rd November
Only eight players turned up due to a poor weather forecast, with Ian Brittain emerging as the winner.

Open Melee 6th October
Following very bad weather forecasts, only six players attended so the melee was cancelled.Open Pairs competition on Sunday

30th September
We attracted 14 teams, including some that travelled from Doncaster, Liverpool and Leicester. The final between Phil Price & Richard Dinnis on one side and Brian Stote & Nouri Beladaci on the other side was a close game ending in victory for Brian & Nouri.

Open Melee 1st September
15 players turned out and after three rounds just two were unbeaten: Ian Brittain with a +23 points advantage gaining first place above Barry Scott with +17. Third place went to Rich Powell with two wins and +17.

Open Melee 4th August
18 players turned out for our melee on August 4th, including eight players from Les Nomades, three of whom took the honours on the day. The best performing Stockton player was Wendy Brittain who was joint 4th.

Bank Holiday Open Triples
Our Bank Holiday Open Triples scheduled for Mon 27th August was cancelled due to Regional match vs Great Western at Oldbury on Sunday 26th involving several Stockton players – which ended up as a washout, abandoned at lunchtime!

Heart of England Closed Singles and Shooting
We hosted the Heart of England closed Singles and Shooting competitions on 8th July with a good turnout of the top 14 players in the Region. Both competitions were won by Phil Price from Les Nomades Petanque Club in Kenilworth, with Dave Hancox as runner-up in the shooting.

Open Melee 7th July
Our Melee scheduled for 7th July was cancelled dur to a clash with England's game in the Football World Cup.

 Open Melee 2nd June
15 players turned out for the June Melee, including two new villagers who came along to find out about our sport. After three rounds, Dave Hancox was the only unbeaten player and therefore took the honours. One of the Region's juniors - Elianne David - came 2nd with two wins and a +14 points difference, and her grandmother, Rita David was 3rd with two wins +11.

Open Melee 5th May

We had a great turnout of 26 players on the hottest Saturday of the year so far, including eight friends from Les Nomades PC and two from Coventry PC. After three rounds there were seven unbeaten players, with the honours going to Eileen Sollis with a +30 points difference. Garth Fletcher was second with +19 and there was a three-way tie for third place, with Sarah Jerger, Rich Powell and Jeff Rand all getting +16.

Open Melee 6th January

The bitter cold didn't keep 10 hardy players from competing, with the first honours of 2018 going to the only non member ! Ian Brittain was the only player unbeaten on the day, and with a healthy +23, Perry and Rich Powell took up the runners up spots with 2 wins and +10 & +9 respectively.

Open Melee 2nd December

There was a disappointing turn out of just 8 players for the December melee, with just one unbeaten player after three rounds - Bill Bentley. Four players won two games, the best being Rich Rushton with +15, well ahead of third placed John Emberton on +10.

Beaujolais Melee 18th November 2017 

18 players contested the three round melee in very mild weather with a good lighting scheme thanks to Gaz Potter. Dawn Whyte was the only player to win all three games. Alfie Potter was second with two wins and a draw with +16, and Rich Powell and Toby Leeman shared third place with two wins and +13.

10 other members and friends then joined us for the Beaujolais Night party where the Beaujolais Nouveau was excellent, James’ soup was delicious and Dave’s pate and cheeses were good. A great time was had by all.

Open Melee 4th November 2017

Only eight players vied for the honours with Ian Brittain victorious over Sarah Jerger on points, as both remained unbeaten on the day with three wins, but a strong +23 over from Ian beating Sarahs +16. The day began with a small but dedicated working party starting the ground works for a permanent fence around the terrain.

Open Melee 7th October 2017

We had just nine players for our October melee, and for the second month running there was no unbeaten player - just four players with two wins each. The clear winner was Alfie Potter with +21, the other three players had only three points separating them: Diane Emberton with +5, Sarah Jerger with +3 and Dave Hancox with +2.  

Open Pairs 1st October 2017
Stockton Open Pairs on 1st October attracted just 10 teams and the overall winners were Phil Price and Richard Dinnis from Nomades, who beat Eileen Sollis and Maurice Rendall, also from Nomades, in the final. The plate winners were Stockton's Rich Powell playing with Nouri Beladaci. The best performing Stockton pair was David Kimpton and Jeff Rand who beat Richard and Becky Rushton in a play-off, to become the 2017 Club Pairs Champions. 

Open Melee 1st September 2017
A competitive field of 17 players for the melee with a rarity of no players acquiring 3 wins! So it was down to points difference for the 10 players who secured 2 wins. John Emberton topped that statistic winning the melee with +18, with Ian Britain hot on Johns heels with +16. Third place went to Caroline Powell with +12. A good day that followed on into the evening in the bar for quite a few of the players !

Knights through to Round 3 of the Euro Cup - 5th August 2017

The Stockton Knights progressed to the next round of the EPA's Euro Cup qualifying competition by beating Whitnash 3-2 at home last weekend.

The victory was set up by 2 excellent wins in the opening Triples with Rich Powell, Pete and Teresa Bingham scoring a 13-0 victory and Garth Fletcher, Jeff Rand and newly 'Knighted' Alfie Potter combining well to win 13-8. Alfie and Jeff then went on to secure the team victory with an emphatic 13-0 victory in the opening pairs.  Stockton lost the final 2 pairs but with victory already in the bag it hardly mattered. The Knights now await other results before learning who their next opponents will be but we do know that it will be a home tie against opposition from the Great Western region.

Open Melee 5th August 2017
Only 10 players for the melee follow the mornings Euro Qualifier (well done Stockton Knights for progressing through to the next round!), with showers all around but thankfully missing the piste. A strong performance following playing in the morning saw Rich Powell surviving as the only unbeaten player with 3 wins and +21. Second place was Richard Rushton with 2 wins and +17, but the star of the day was Clare Tutin, who only every has played once before and came third with 2 wins and +11, and Clares only loss was 13-12.

Open Melee 1st July 2017
A small turnout didn't prevent a good day with some fierce completion! Ian Britain came through with the only player on 3 wins with +21, With Rich Powell second and Richard Rushton third.

Regional Singles & Shooting Competition 4th June 2017

Thanks to all the players that took part in the  Regional Singles and Shooting competition.  Despite the afternoon downpours the day went really well thanks to David Mason's excellent organisation.

It was a record turnout for this competition and it was a pleasure to see a group of players enjoying playing, showing great sportsmanship all day and sharing a laugh and a joke.....that's exactly how Petanque is supposed to be played. Congratulations to our new Regional Singles Champion - Alfie Potter who played a great game in the final against Ian Brittain who was a worthy runner-up. On the new shooting piste at Stockton PC, Phil Price deservedly won the title and I'm delighted that he will now represent the HoE Region at the National Shooting competition at Hayling Island later in the year.

Open Melee 3rd June 2017
18 players enjoyed a pleasant summers afternoon, with some keen competition from some getting in practise for the next days Singles & Shooting completion. The 3 players that won the first triples, became the only three to remain unbeaten throughout the day, with points difference of +22 making John Emberton the overall winner, just sneaking victory over Paula David by 1 point, who was runner up, and Jeff Rand coming third with +14.

Open Melee 6th May 2017

A strong 17 players competed for this months Melee, with 5 players unbeaten after 2 games going into the final round. All fell foul to their opponents except Richard Rushton, who won as the only unbeaten player with 3 wins and +26, 9 players battled in with 2 wins each, with Bill Bently grabbing the runners up prize with 2 wins and +18 and Dave Hancox in third with 2 wins and +16.

Open Melee 1st April 2017
14 players dodged the April Showers with Nigel Ashby coming out victor on points difference with 3 wins and an impressive +29 points. Dave Hancox was the only other unbeaten player on the day with a commendable +23 points. Wendy Britain was the best of the 2 wins brigade with +6.

Open Melee 4th March 2017
13 players battled for the March honours with our resident coach Dave Hancox standing alone as the only player unbeaten with 3 wins and +16 points. Nigel Ashby with 2 wins and +19 and Brian Stote with 2 wins and +16 were runners up.

Open Melee 4th February 2017
11 players enjoyed a beautiful crisp February afternoon with some competitive games throughout the afternoon. Just one player remained unbeaten, Sarah Jerger,  winning the melee with +10. Junior member Alfie Potter in second with 2 wins and +15 and family affair tied in third place with Paula (last months winner) and Rita David both with 2 wins and +7.

Open Melee 7th January 2017
A good turn out of 18 players on a misty afternoon with some experienced players from other clubs trying our challenging terrain for the first time. 2 players remained unbeaten, with Paula David winning the melee with +19 closely followed by Nigel Ashby with +17, the best of the rest with 2 wins in joint third were Penny Bratos and Richard Rushton with +10 

Open Melee 3rd December 2016
Just 10 club members turned out for the December melee, and after three rounds there were just two unbeaten players - Dave Hancox and Rich Rushton who tied with +13 each. Rich Powell was third with two wins +4 just ahead of Geoff Jerrom-Pugh with two wins +3.

Beaujolais Nouveau Melee 19th November 2016
14 club members turned out for our special Beaujolais Melee on 19th November which was followed by a party at which we tasted this year's Beaujolais Nouveau. The wine was very good and the buffet was excellent - especially the French Onion soup which James Neal prepared for us.
The melee was won by Bill Bentley who was unbeaten with +21 followed by Rich Powell who was also unbeaten with +16. Third place went to Sarah Jerger who was best of those with two wins, managing a +20 scoreline.
The party went on until past 11.00pm so a great day was enjoyed by us all.

Open Melee 5th November 2016
12 players turned out on a bright, but chilly, afternoon for the November melee. After three rounds, there were just two unbeaten players - Gaz Potter and Alfie Potter, with Gaz just pipping Alfie for 1st prize with + 14, against Alfie's +11. There were four players on two wins, the third place being a tie between Jeff Rand and Alan Potter with +5.

Open Melee 1st October 2016
The melee was cancelled due the extremely bad weather. However, we were able to play our Saturday Club thanks to the temporary shelter that Gaz Potter and Dave Hancox built for us on the Friday. Many thanks to Gaz and Dave for their hard work.

Open Melee 3rd September 2016
We played our first Melee at Stockton Football and Cricket Club on 3rd September on our newly laid terrain.
We had 22 players who played enthusiastically despite pouring rain.
There were four unbeaten players after three rounds, the winner being Ian Brittain on +27, just ahead of David Kimpton on +26 Rich Powell on +23. Geoff Jerrom-Pugh was fourth with +15.

Open Melee 6th August 2016
The July Melee was cancelled due to too many unavailabilities, and only 12 players turned up for the August melee. However, we enjoyed a good contest in sunny weather and after three rounds there was just one unbeaten player - Diane Emberton, who enjoyed her first ever melee victory. There were six players with two wins, the best being Richard Rushton with +12 and in third place was Alfie Potter with +5.

Open Melee 4th June 2016
14 players turned out on a dull but warm and dry afternoon. After three rounds there were just two unbeaten players with Sarah Jerger taking the honours with a +21, ahead of Jeff Rand on +12. There were six players on two wins, the best of these being Richard Rushton with +16 just ahead of Gaz Potter on +15.

Open Melee 7th May 2016
There was a good turnout of 21 players on what started as a beautiful day, including 5 guests from Les Nomades. After three rounds there were just two unbeaten players - David Mason (+17) and Richard Rushton (+15).

Heart of England Closed Pairs 24rd April 2016
16 pairs contested the Regional Pairs contest at Kenilworth, the winners being Dianne Scott playing with Gary Durant (from Solihull). Dave Hancox was runner up, playing with Nouri Beladaci from The Nomades. Both pairs go forward to The EPA Champion of Champions in October.

Open Melee 2nd April 2016
There was a good turnout of 16 players for our first melee to be played on the hill alone.
Three players were unbeaten on the day, first prize going to Jeff Rand  with a +15 score, just ahead of Toby Leeman on +10 and Sarah Jerger on +9.

Easter Monday Triples
This was played at Kenilworth on an extremely wet and windy morning, with a good turnout of 13 teams for a competition that was dedicated to the memory of Patrick O'Flynn and raised £120 towards the cost of his headstone in Ireland.
The winners were a strong team from Kinver who ended the day unbeaten after a good final against a team from Coventry. The plate was won by John Emberton, Russ Davies and Lyn Roberts.

Open Melee 2nd January 2016
12 players turned out on a wet and windy afternoon, and of those who played all three rounds there was just one unbeaten player - Sarah Jerger who won two bottles of wine for the privilege. The best of those winning two games was Dave Hancox with +21 followed by John Emberton on +20.