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East of Exe Mixed League AGM

By info@wellingtonbowling.club Wellington Bowling Club

Tuesday, 22 October 2019


Wellington Bowling Club Contributor


Ian Hollingsworth and Joan Thomson kindly agreed to represent the club at the East of Exe AGM last Sunday. Their report is below-

Joan and I spent a useful morning at Honiton BC attending the E of E annual meeting. It was well attended and positive throughout, though people rightly gave their views and opinions. In the end Joan and I also joined in. Cedric (don't know his surname), from one of the Tiverton clubs, was elected chair for the year ahead. Other committee posts remained unchanged.

The main discussion points were:

1. The application from Ilminster to join the league

2. The future structure of the league

1. Ilminster were approved as new members by a strong majority. Several good reasons for accepting them were given; need to increase the size of the league and encourage competitive bowls; increases opportunity for ladies; precedent already set last year with Wellington. Joan and I voted in favour.

2. There was a generally positive view of having two leagues but the meeting got a little bogged down in the complexities of the two proposals. In the end Cedric proposed that there be two divisions with the top team from the lower division promoted and the bottom one from the upper division relegated. Ilminster will start in the lower league along with the bottom five teams from last season, Tiverton Borough, Chardstock, Wellington, Tiverton BC and Culm Vale. The other division will have the top seven teams from last season. As other teams join in future years it may be necessary to have more than one team promoted to keep the balance of numbers. Matches will be home and away, so we will have 10 in the first season. This proposal was approved unanimously. Joan and I voted for it. It will give us a good chance to compete successfully, while retaining our underlying strategy of inclusiveness, not elitism.

It was also agreed that any team without a mixed gender rink will forfeit the 2 points for that rink and that skips must be responsible for the card.

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