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Church Quiz

Key things to look out for inside the Church.

  1. Find the FONT to the left of the front door. What is put into the font when a baby is baptised?
  2. Look at the sign at the side if the door at the back of the church. In what year was the Church clock put back into the church?
  3. Go to the pictures on the wall opposite the door. How many names of people who died in the First World War are on the plaque?
  4. Go to the front of the church, where the steps lead up to the alter. Find the PULPIT. How many steps does the vicar have to go up to go into the pulpit?
  5. Look at the wooden lectern opposite the pulpit. What bird is on the lectern?
  6. Go up the steps to the altar. How many candles are on the altar?
  7. What letters are found on the cloth which covers the altar?
  8. Come back down from the altar, and look behind the organ. What animal is in the manger?
  9. Look up at the ceiling? How many windows are down both sides of the church?
  10. Find the small round coloured windows on both sides of the church. What animal is shown in one of the windows?