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Basingstoke Voluntary Sports Council


Basingstoke Sports Council is a voluntary sporting organisation with committee members representing the major sports in the area. BSC works 'with and for the local sports community' alongside a variety of partners and primarily the Borough Council.  Its two major events being the prestigious annual Sports Awards plus annual Festival of Sport with German twin town Euskirchen. A wide range of sporting issues are discussed at regular meetings.

Affiliation by local Sporting Leagues, Clubs and partner organisations is strongly encouraged especially in relation to consideration for the annual sports awards or participation in the German Festival of Sport. Full information available via emailing  basvsc@outlook.com

Basingstoke Sports Council has the following objectives -

  1. To represent the collective views and needs of all sport interests in the local area;
  2. To assess, promote and encourage the sporting activities of the area including the Twinning Festival of Sport and to offer advice and guidance in providing for those activities;
  3. To assist, support and advise on planning and development of sporting opportunities in partnership with interested agencies;
  4. To receive and consider reports and recommendations from any organisations on all matters concerning sport and to take such action as the Council may deem appropriate;
  5. To advise and support leagues, clubs, organisations and individuals upon resource and funding issues plus recognise local sporting talent and achievement;
  6. To interact with relevant agencies to provide sport administration and coaching development opportunities for the local community;
  7. To record and disseminate information to organisations and individuals in the area concerning available sporting facilities and activities and maintain an up-to-date record of all local sporting organisations;