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Basingstoke Voluntary Sports Council

Jnr/Snr Team of the Year

Previous Junior Team Award Winners ....

2017 (Basingstoke District U11 Football), 2016 - Bison Junior Ice Hockey Squad, 2015 - St Mary's Junior School Sports, 2014 - Shin Gi Tai Martial Arts, 2013 - Basingstoke Junior Gymnastics Team gym,  2012 - Basingstoke Junior Gymnastics Team gym,  2011 - Basingstoke Girls Gymnastics Team gym,  2010 - Queen Mary's College Tennis, 2009 - Bison U.14 Ice Hockey Squad, 2008 - Basingstoke Gymnastics Team gym, 2007 - Basingstoke & NH U.15 Cricket, 2006 - Basingstoke & NH U.13 Cricket, 2005 - Testbourne School U.13 Rugby, 2004 - Basingstoke Rugby Club Academy

Junior Team nominations 2018

With such a diverse number of sports within Basingstoke & Deane competing at a wide range of levels, nominations for these awards are strong and difficult to establish a clear winner. The panel of judges are currently considering applications to decide which will have representatives invited to the awards at the Apollo hotel on March 1st 2019.

Basingstoke Gymnastics Club Display Team

The team, which has been going for 6 years, is a group of 16 advanced gymnasts who don’t necessarily meet the standards of high level competition but are great performers and examples of their sport. Success of the team is down to 16 girls with the best friendships, no matter what the age difference, and the close knit support network with the parents and coaches. he coaches and gymnasts train 10 hours per week to perfect routines, whilst the parents prepare outfits for each event. The routines showcase gymnastics and the club in a spectacular show piece but in such a different way to which the clubs’ elite performance gymnasts do in competition. Performance highlights of 2018 included Disneyland Paris, where they were involved in the character parade, and achieving a bronze level award at the GB Gym for Life Challenge.

Basingstoke School of Martial Arts – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The team has been running for 6 years now and in that time they have gone from nothing, to a team that is beating all the big teams on the big stage.  All members put a huge amount of hard work in order to be successful and one of the main discussions they have in classes is to behave like a champion win or lose… the team always sets this example by shaking their opponents hand at start and end of each match.  In 2018, they won multiple medals at the Worlds, Nationals and European championships. Ella Dorkin, Oliver Hall and Charlie Baker all won medals on the International circuit and the team is helping put Basingstoke on the map for their sport.

Su-Ha-Ri Karate

The Su-Ha-Ri team have competed in many domestic and international competitions throughout the year, winning many titles. The team helped WIKF become the top fighting federation in Britain.  Highlights of the year include, 6 members of the team being selected to represent England at the WIKF European Championships in Portugal, 3 of which returned as Champions and the team joined Ken-bu-kan club from London to represent the WIKF at the All Styles national championships, where the team finished 1st out of 58. At the British All Styles Four nations championships, the team finished 1st for fighting and 3rd overall out of 63 federations, and , over 2018, some of the team competed in about 15 comps and finished in the top 5 for nearly all of them

Wessex Wyvern Modern Pentathlon Club Under 9s Biathle Team

2018 was the first year that Under 9s had been allowed to take part in international competition. The Club had 4 children represent Great Britain in Germany where they also brought back medals. All the Under 9s had zero experience before 2018 so it took a lot of extra training sessions and commitment and effort from the team to achieve what they did. The Club also had many other Under 9s taking part in the Basingstoke Biathlon as well as other biathles and triathles throughout the year. For the first time this year Wessex Wyvern have entered the Destination Basingstoke Cross Country League and had many Under 9s take part. 

Winklebury Junior School Athletics Team

Achievements for the team include 7th place in Hampshire at the Country Sports Hall Athletics Finals, becoming Basingstoke Sports Halls Athletics Champions, 17th place in Hampshire at Hampshire Schools Games, 2nd place in the Basingstoke Schools Quadkids competition and a pupil qualifying for the Hampshire Schools Cross Country Competition. At the beginning of the year they had hoped to be able to make it to one of the Hampshire finals but to have made 2 and then finish in 7th place totally exceeded expectations. The children were so committed to the teams and attended all the extra training sessions to allow them the best chance.

Previous Winners of the Senior Team Award ....

2016 & 2017 - Bluefins Masters Swimming, 2015 - Basingstoke Ladies Hockey, 2014 - Bison Ice Hockey, 2013 - Bluefins Masters Swimming, 2012 - Basingstoke & MH Athletics Club (Snr Men), 2011 - Bluefins Masters Swimming, 2010 - Bluefins Masters Swimming, 2009 - Basingstoke Town Football Reserves,  2008 - Basingstoke & MH Athletics Club (Snr Men), 2007 - Basingstoke & MH Athletics Club (Snr Men), 2006 - Basingstoke Gymnastic Team gym, 2005 - Basingstoke & MH Athletics Club, 2004 - Basingstoke Town Football Club

Senior Team nominations 2018

With such a diverse number of sports within Basingstoke & Deane competing at a wide range of levels, nominations for these awards are strong and difficult to establish a clear winner. A panel of judges will now decide who gets the invites to the Apollo awards in March 2019.

Basingstoke Blizzards (Basketball)

In 2018 the club, decided to register a second team in the Wessex League so they entered a BLIZZARDS 2 team in Div 3 with the intention to prioritise the juniors from the previous year’s U16’s with a few U18’s which made the bulk of the squad.   However, they not only held their own in this division, but ended the season getting promoted and also playing great basketball.  During the season some of the team were also helping out with the first team in Div 1, as that team was decimated with numerous injuries and players leaving.  The commitment was always there, at training and also with attendance at all games home and away. Now playing in Div2 they are still competing 3/3 and have qualified for the quarter final of the Karl Taylor cup.

Basingstoke Hockey Club Mens 2nd 11

2018 saw BHC Mens 2nd 11 become Hampshire Division 2 league winners and over the season they achieved 17 wins, 3 draw and 2 losses; totalling 56 points (this put them 12 points clear of 2nd place). Goalkeeper Toby Jackson made futures cup selection and goes onto Nags u18 selection.  Full commitment from the 17 strong squad members got them to the season outcomes which also included 5 more squad members going on to play for the Mens 1st squad, which allowed the Mens 2nd team to identify more club and youth potential for coming season.

Basingstoke Kickboxing Organisation

BKO’s Team of fighters and coaches are dedicated to developing excellence and to competing in this dynamic sport.  Team members train several times a week and travel to compete on a weekly basis across the country and abroad. They are committed to achieving the best they can and have demonstrated this during 2018.  BKO developed training and have now become a full time facility for students, and are introducing regimes and strategies that will further improve performances and create coaches.  It is recognised as one of the top teams in the country and has many students and champions from other clubs and associations coming to train with them. The team won golds in all major tournaments in 2018 and saw many junior members develop and improve their rankings and performances as the year moved on.   In 2018, they secured a venue for sole use every day.

Basingstoke School of Martial Arts – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team won multiple medals at the Nationals, English and British championships. The adult team is helping put Basingstoke on the map in their sport and are competing with, and beating, much bigger and more established teams. Competition on the adult circuit is huge and all the big teams take their best students so it is an amazing achievement for this small club to be able to compete both on the national and international stage. Although all team members do well, the club does have a hardcore team of adults that compete and win a lot on the circuit, with all the team being role models to younger participants by setting an example with their correct attitude.

Basingstoke Wolverines – All Star Cheerleading – Storm

2018 saw Wolverines Storm have a hugely successful season with top 3 placements at national competitions. The team also attended a cheerleading world qualifying event in Liverpool in June where programmes from all over Europe attended hoping to win a bid to allow them to compete at the Summit Championship in Orlando, Florida.  Wolverines Storm Senior level 1 team achieved the ultimate goal in UK cheerleading and won a bid for 2019 - Wolverines Storm worked exceptionally hard throughout the season, a lot of hours not only at training but also extra hours put in outside of the gym, which is clear testament to the fact they won this prestigious opportunity