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Basingstoke Voluntary Sports Council

Senior Sport Volunteer

Volunteers are extremely important to any organisation and our local sporting community are fortunate to have a wide range committed to assisting in a variety of roles. The following eight have been nominated this year and represent the countless others within Basingstoke & Deane and are currently being reviewed by the panel of judges.

Olwen Barton (Taekwondo)

Olwen has been an essential support volunteer to Bluewave through 2018 in multiple capacities. Not only has she been an extended volunteer of the coaching team but has dedicated herself to personal development through a number of sports courses. Olwen has also made a name for herself as a respected judge at a national level.  In 2018, Olwen provided essential support to the coaching team at multiple weekly sessions, as well as covering leading sessions to allow the other members of the coaching team to time off holidays etc. The support she provides allows the number of members able to attend sessions to be higher, which means the club as a whole can grow and develop. During 2018, Olwen also stepped into the full volunteer coaching team taking on her own group of members providing weekly sessions as a lead.

Pete Diamond (Aldworth Arrows - Basketball)

Pete founded the club nearly 40 years ago and trains the team at least four times a week, along with driving them to competitions to enable them to compete. 2018 saw Pete take 12 girls to Belgium in May to take part in the tournament that he helped set up in Braine- L’Alleud, Belgium which has been running since 1996. The team continue to do well in the Wessex & Surrey league and winning division 2 with Darts in 2017/18 season and Arrows also got into the final of the Division 2 playoffs. He has won the County cup at all ages groups, many times and has teams at under 14, 15 and 16 years and also coached 11 Aldworth girls to go on and play for England with one of the girls getting a bronze medal at the Commonwealth games in 2006.

Keith Hope (Ice Hockey)

Keith started volunteering over 15 years ago when he stepped in to become the manager of his sons U12 ice hockey team and he has remained as a manager through his son’s time playing hockey.  His son no-longer plays hockey but Keith has continued to be involved in the club and is at the rink regularly helping out, giving advice etc. Keith is a valued member of the Basingstoke Junior Bison having been involved at all levels of ice hockey for many years. He is the ‘font of knowledge’ if you have an ice hockey related question and his dedication to arranging the fixtures is above and beyond, as without him, the Junior Bison would have no games to play.

Mark Sadler (Swimming)

Mark leads the technical team for Basingstoke Bluefins swimming competitions. Without this team, any swimming gala would not be able to operate. The revenue from swimming competitions is an essential income stream for swimming clubs and Mark’s efficiency in running meets enables the events to run smoothly and to maximise the amount of individual swims per gala. The higher the number of swims, the greater the revenue is generated, so Mark’s role is vital to the ongoing operations of the club.  Mark is also an extremely well respected member of the County and Regional Technical teams and he plays a very key role in making sure that the County and Regional Championships are run professionally, and efficiently. Mark is now well known by the Head Coaches of the clubs in the Region, and he is acknowledged for his friendly, calm and professional approach.

Zoe Sadler (Swimming)

Zoe is a regular announcer at club, league, county and regional level swimming galas. She has travelled all over the South of England gaining experience and working at swim galas on a voluntary basis. She also regularly acts as an official at many events within the county, South of England and at national events. Within the open water community, Zoe also took on the administration work of keeping the records for the British Long Distance Swimming Association up to date and ensuring all the swimmers received their certifications. Alongside these roles, she has also devoted significant amounts of time to act as an official at many forms of meet. Frequently stepping up to take on the role when meets were at risk of being cancelled.

Sue Scouler Davison (Athletics)

Sue is an enthusiastic and dedicated committee member that has given her time and energy to the club in many ways, over many years. From leading a campaign to gain votes for the club to give them a chance to win £200000, to managing the Women’s team for the Southern Athletics League, to writing the club’s development plan, producing videos, managing social media, writing new releases and organising and compering at the Junior Awards evening. Sue’s commitment and enthusiasm is unrelenting. She always has new ideas and does most of the background work to make things happen. She attends all meetings and ensures every committee member has detailed notes beforehand and she also takes on the role of chair if the Chairman is unable to attend.

Caroline Wegg (Athletics)

Caroline is treasurer, EA Registration lady, event planner and official at BMHAC. She also attends monthly committee meetings along with all her other roles, which totals approx. 20 hours per week on top of her full time work.  Caroline is also one of the Club’s regular officials and is the coordinator for the Wessex track league along with planning the Club Opens and Championship entries. Without Caroline to do all the treasury and membership work (along with everything else she does), the club simply wouldn’t be able to function.

Chris White (Cycling)

Chris has led a total of 188 women only rides around Basingstoke and Deane since qualifying as a British Cycling Breeze Champion in 2015. These rides have attracted 911 participants to date. Currently Chris voluntarily plans and leads at least one Breeze ride per week – providing welcoming opportunities in the locality for women looking to get on their bikes. Further to this she gained a route planner qualification in 2016, as well as a Level two leading qualification which means she can plan and lead rides over 50 miles in length.  In addition, Chris also took the opportunity to qualify as a cycle coach and has assisted on, and run, numerous training sessions aimed at increasing the confidence of the ladies she cycles with.