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Basingstoke Voluntary Sports Council

Professional Coach of the Year

Each year the Local Sports Council provides the sporting community with the opportunity to nominate their coach for PROFESSIONAL COACH OF THE YEAR. The awards are made to those coaches who local sport relies upon to recognise their involvement during the year. Nominations should be made for coaches who have been committed to providing the highest standard of coaching to their performers, whether it be with individuals or teams. They should have made a significant impact in their sport, helped other coaches to develop and have a positive and encouraging role model attitude that has inspired and made an impact on others.

Professional Coach Previous Winners ....

2017 Kevin Hall (Martial Arts), 2016 Lisa Scarborough (Hockey), 2015 Paul Hamilton (Judo), 2014 Bryan Andrews (Martial Arts), 2013 Anne Bidmead (Gymnastics), 2012 Claire Williams (Basingstoke Gymnastics) 2011 Bryan Andrews (Karate) 2010 Nigel Long (Totally Tennis), 2009 Kevin McAuslan-Crine (Karate), 2008 Anne Bidmead (Basingstoke Gymnastics), 2007 Shane Deacon (Totally Tennis), 2006 Janet Allabush (Basingstoke Gymnastics), 2005 Jim Dixon (Basingstoke RFC), 2004 Ernie Howe (Basingstoke Town FC) & 2003 Ed Campbell (Bison Ice Hockey). No Awards previously

Basingstoke is fortunate to have a wealth of very professional, talented and dedicated coaches within the various clubs and a high standard of nominations have again been received this year.

Kayleigh Fennell (Cheerleading)

Under Kayleigh’s direction, 2018 proved to be the Wolverines most successful season to date, not only with multiple teams winning both Regional and National Champion titles but their Senior Level 1 team winning the ultimate achievement in cheerleading, a bid to compete at the Cheerleading Worlds (Summit) in Orlando and their Senior Coed Level 3 team winning Battle of the Champions. Kayleigh played a pivotal role in the club opening their own premises in September 2018 and she is a key factor in how the club has grown to nearly 200 members due to her Coaching ethics; driving and encouraging every athlete, whilst still in a very warm family environment

Kevin Hall (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)

Kevin is a fantastic and inspiring coach, he devotes all his time to ensure his student’s get the best learning. He has, and still is, producing some of the best talents in the country with his juniors and adults fast becoming ranked no1. Kevin recognises that the students want different things from the sports and he teaches diverse styles that help students that want to compete, improve fitness or improve self-confidence to help with everyday life.  He has been recognised by his peers for creating a culture that not only breeds talent but he also manages to retain the students for years.  Kevin is the owner and lead instructor and he dedicates all his time to support both sports, Taekwondo and BJJ. 

Kevin McAuslane-Crine ((Karate)

In 2018, Kevin coached his team to the top spot for fighting at both the All Styles English and Four Nations Championships. Also, at the International level his team earned top spot for kata at the WIKF European Championships. This year was particularly significant for Kevins personal development as he was awarded 6th Dan by Sensei Jon Wicks who himself is 8th Dan and is the World Chief Instructor for WIKF. There are not many people who have achieved this level in the country, so Kevin is now in an Elite group, which gives him a significantly higher authority in coaching and developing the club to the next level.

George Peploe (Kickboxing)

George is a coach for Basingstoke Kickboxing Organisation and has shown his enthusiasm through his training and teaching. He trains 3 hours a day, teaches every day, is the main coach for the team and has travelled to all 32 tournaments this year both as competitor and coach. He organises and runs squad training sessions, free fitness and technical sessions for the team and trains regularly with the British squad.  He also attends training camps with the Hungarian team and the American team. George’s coaching has ensured that BKO have won more than 270 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings at tournaments this year and had many Grand champions, British champions and European champions. He targets individuals in the team and works to improve their skills. He has developed a training regime for the squad that includes early morning fitness and technical sessions and has introduced review and analysis sessions.

Dave Savage (Triathlon)

Dave had a busy 2018, seeing him double the size of Savage Triathlon Club, coaching 3 athletes to International level, and launching an online training platform along with co-writing a book for Triathlon beginners. He is also about to coach a group of individuals with mental and physical health concerns for an ITV documentary!  Dave is always motivating, guiding and having fun with his athletes come rain, shine or snow and his enthusiasm and drive are admirable. He has a two hour round trip in the car but he loves nothing more than seeing his athletes develop as sportspeople and he thoroughly enjoys the interaction. Dave also promotes his club at local park runs and is always contactable by phone or email, whatever the time, in order to resolve training issues. 

Jeremy Spicer-Martinez (Hockey)

Jeremy is an instrumental member of Basingstoke Hockey Club and as result of his passion, commitment and dedication, players both on the beginning of their playing career, and twilight, are inspired and supported by his coaching persona. Delivering coaching to a broad spectrum of ability Jeremy has created future club, county and national standard players. The 3 key areas where Jeremy made an impact in 2018 are: leading the Mens 2s to winning the league and achieving promotion with 12 points clear of the team in 2nd; being invited to and taking on the role as Junior Head Coach, which involves overseeing coaching for all age groups from U6s to U18s; 1 U18 Goalkeeping achieving a place for National Age Group Selection and 5 further goalkeepers being selected to represent the county.