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Basingstoke Get Active

Last Updated Matrch 2020

Basingstoke and Deane 'Be Physically Active' is the main drive for the Basingstoke and Deane Sport and Physical Activity Alliance (SPAA), a network of partner organisations with an aim of increasing the number of people within the borough participating in sport and physical activity.

As well as being a great source of enjoyment, sport and physical activity has proven benefits to physical and mental well-being, educational attainment, social cohesion and economic development. However, statistics for Basingstoke and Deane show that 42% of adults do not do the recommended amount of physical activity of 150 minutes per week, and 22.2% of adults are classified as obese.

To be change the above statistics, a number of key organisations within Basingstoke and Deane who are involved in sport, physical activity and health have formed a partnership with the aim of ensuring that more people from every background, regularly and meaningfully, will have the opportunity to take part in sport and physical activity.

Basingstoke Sports Council has representation on the SPAA as part of their interaction with the local sporting community.

About Basingstoke and Deane 'Be Physically Active'

The group meets quarterly to:

  • identify shared local priorities and initiatives to increase the number of people participating in sport and physical activity.
  • to share updates on recent success and challenges.
  • to act as an interface between sport, health and physical activity.


The group will work collaboratively to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increasing participation in sport and physical activity.
  • Decrease levels of inactivity and obesity.
  • Widening access to physical activity and sport across Basingstoke and Deane
  • Securing investment for sport and physical activity by collaborative funding bids.
  • A shared vision through joint working across sectors and pooling knowledge and resource.


Priorities are to increase participation and promote healthy lifestyles among:

  • 5-15 year olds.
  • Children, young people and families.
  • Adults.
  • Low income groups.
  • People with disabilities.
  • BME communities.
  • Contribute to other relevant partnership strategies.

Sport Health & Wellbeing Network

For initial sporting queries or suggestions contact either the Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council Health & Wellbeing team, Basingstoke Voluntary Sports Council, or Energise Me