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Bleasby Parish Council

Welcome to the Bleasby Parish Council which is made up of seven councillors (all unpaid elected members) and supported by the parish clerk who is the council's proper officer and only employee. 

Of the seven councillors, one is elected Chair and one is elected Vice-Chair.  The current parish council members are as follows: 

  • Cllr Stephen Andersen - Chair
  • Cllr Michael Coombs -Vice Chair
  • Cllr Nicola Winn
  • Cllr Sarah Roscoe
  • Cllr Robert Wallin
  • Cllr Jo Dunseath
  • Cllr Avril McCormick
  • Parish Clerk - Anne Pallett

You can write to the Council at email:

Parish Council meetings are normally held on the 2nd Monday of every month (except August) at Bleasby Village Hall and start at 7.30pm.