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Flood Action Group

Bleasby has an active volunteer flood action group (FAG) which was established in 2007 in order to monitor local indicators for risk of flooding and to provide guidance and support to the local community for flood preparation and understanding what to do in the rare event of flooding.  

The group has developed a close working relationship with the Trent Valley Drainage Board and Nottinghamshire County Council. The collaboration has led to a lowering of the risks and vulnerability to the Parish of flooding in recent years and continues to work towards developing preventative actions against flood risk and to ensure that adequate information and equipment is provided to manage a flood event.

The following links & pages are intended to provide residents with essential information to help understand the risks of flooding and how residents need to take responsibility for preparation and action in the event of flooding. If you require further information, please contact your local Flood Warden.

Click on the link below or visit the relevant page for more information:


23rd January 2021 @ 10.15

The Environment Agency confirmed this morning, (Saturday, 23rd January), that they have lifted their Flood Alert for Gibsmere, Bleasby and Gypsy Lane. This is good news, however, 

“Current flood water levels are likely to remain into the weekend and road closures and cautionary signage will remain until it is safe to remove it.”

Please continue to treat all flood waters with caution. 

22nd January 2021 
Despite the fact that the Trent is slowly rising as the flood waters from Derbyshire enter the river, there is little risk of flooding beyond Gibsmere. 
The road to Fiskerton has had to be closed because of flooding at Ham Bridge but all other roads are currently open. 
Please avoid entering flood water.  A car can be carried away in 30 cm (1 foot), of water and walkers can be swept off their feet in 15 cm (6 inches) of flowing water. 
The Trent is expected to rise further during the day and water is now backing up our Dykes and footpaths. Walking alongside them will become increasingly slippery and difficult.