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Get planting for VE Day Bleasby in Bloom

By Bleasby Events Group Bleasby Community Website

Sunday, 3 May 2020


Community Volunteers


As you have hopefully already seen, this coming Friday you are invited to take part in the parish of Bleasby VE Day - the best way possible to have a community party under the circumstances!

Although new scarecrows and other decorations are appearing daily, there are only a few Bleasby in Bloom displays on show so far. We know it's early, but as you can see from the pictures, there are already plenty of colourful blooms in our gardens at this time of year. Garden centres also appear to be a little more accessible now and we certainly aren't short of creativity, so please try and get something on display before VE Day.

The plan is to keep Bleasby in Bloom displays going throughout the summer, so you could just make a display that will last for a day or two - good luck in capturing the red, white and blue theme!

Click here to see all displays and please email photos of your own display in case we don't catch them.

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